No. My parents aren't to blame for this name. My given name is  beautiful and sophisticated- Gabrielle Marie. My nick-name was Gabey....at least up until 8th grade when my sister- with the self-appointed nick-name of..... 'Roo Doggs'- decided she was ready to stir things up. And all of a sudden she was yelling, "Gay-gay," or "Gay bar," or "Gaaaaayyyy" when she needed something....and when she didn't need anything at all. As long as it included the word  "gay", she was yelling it and directing it toward getting my attention. And when my attention was granted, all that usually resulted was...laughter. A guaranteed good laugh. She endured many a 15-minute groundings from my dad to create that name.  And close to 20 years later, it has stuck.....and thus was born a girl named Gay.

Read about the 2007 version of me and don't forget to laugh and remember that people change...except when they don't.

The 2012 version would include MORE kids, MORE yelling, and- the saving grace- ...more writing.

The succinct version of me is.....kids, exercise, eat, kids, go out with Yosh (and eat), run, beach, go out with girls, eat, repeat.

The long version.........well, read the blog.

Email me at agirlnamedgay@gmail.com and we'll chat!


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