Sunday, August 24, 2014

A little summer catch up, hum now

My gosh I am tired.
I don't know how that is possible considering I opened my eyes for the first time at 8:49 am.
Time to get used to it, for sure.
Why? Because tomorrow is the first day of school.
AKA back to reality.
AKA boot camp week.
And I just ran out of AKAs but there are a million more fill in the blanks possibilities.

Summer was good.
June was full of visitors (Desai's and Chelsi) and baseball.
July included a road trip (Austin to Arkansas to St Louis to Austin) and then a couple camps and what I termed a "very sterile environment". Meaning it was a bit too much of JUST me and the kids. There weren't a lot of play dates, not a lot of family get-togethers, hence not a lot of change in dynamic. And let's be honest, a little diversity goes a long way.
One week I took Yosh's advice and made it a planned, fun week.
The kids did their morning chores (including making their own lunches to bring with us!!! Yes, that was a highlight and a big accomplishment for Mamacita over here!) and then we were off to adventures.
Monday we went to Wazoo's- a HUGE jump house facility owned by a couple in our ward.         

Tuesday we went top IHOP for breakfast- check that off the summer bucket list!- and then went to a medium-sized water park called Hawaiian Falls. I was laughing at the below picture. Kaia was apparently on the cusp, height-wise. So the workers are all asking me what rides she wanted to go on so they would know whether or not to add her bun into the measuring procedure! They wanted to really make the customer happy!
I loved this water park. It was the perfect size for a good 4-5 hour adventures. There were rides big enough to satisfy the big boys and enough pools/lazy rivers/wave pools for the littles. And you could bring a cooler in. Next summer I wouldn't mind buying a pass to this place. 

After the water park???
In n Out.
Every time. 

And despite two applications of sunblock, this happened.

Wednesday we went kayaking at Towne Lake.
That was a blast!
Dallin and Porter shared a kayak and the littles and I shared one.
The kids loved jumping in and taking a dip and I loved watching them do something outside their norm and enjoy it.
I also enjoyed not being in the same kayak as Dallin and Porter since that meant I didn't have to be involved in their bickering and learning to work together as a team.
Win win.
Our week must have ended after Wednesday because quite frankly I remember nothing after that.

It was a great week, and truth be told, I was feeling all types of accomplished for planning, organizing, and executing these activities.

August was the month for traveling.
A whole 'nother post.

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