Wednesday, October 2, 2013


*Good news-- bedtime is no longer my least favorite part of the day::::) Now that I am waking my kids up in the pitch black morning when they (mostly read Porter) have no desire to get up and get moving, that part of our routine has secured the number 1 spot. And please add on top of that the anxiety of NOT waking up the babies. I'm arousing the big boys out of a deep sleep and threatening them that they better wake up quietly. (I'm already breaking the cardinal rule that says don't wake sleeping children. There's no way that those same kids are allowed to break that rule...)
Stressed to the max at 6:45 am.  

*The other night I told the boys how bummed I was that I had a hair appointment the next morning and wouldn't be there to get them to school on their first late start day. They stole my heart all over again when they said, "Come on, Mom, we want YOU to be there in the morning." Needless to say, I canceled my hair appointment and made pancakes for breakfast the next morning. These days won't last forever- I'm staying around as long as they want me to!

*Deetz. Big Poppa Deetz. He is adorable. He has a way with words. You and I call it a wrist. Deeter? He calls it the neck of your arm. His imagination is on fire! "Dad, I need to tell you a secret. What if you and I...ate WOOD?" He still hides like the best trained ninja. I couldn't find him during a rainstorm the other day. Sure enough he was outside, in the tree house...asleep. Thats one way to keep quiet when hiding.

*Kaia and her panties. She hates them. We've come to terms with our deal- she has to wear them in public but can ditch them and be a nudist at home. Granted, her wearing them in public means her pulling them all the way up her bum (how is that comfy?), but at least it keeps her girl parts covered and hopefully halfway clean.

A little mooning never hurt anyone.

Unfortunately, I relate with this video all too well...

*And can we talk about hydrating our children? Or better yet, dehydrating them? Am I the only one that is continually tempted to NOT give my kid liquids when potty training? If you have somewhere to go, it's just so risky.....

I'm digging the mama gig right now and just want to soak it up.
And that is the truth.


  1. your girl has a nice ass

  2. I love her pig tails and her hot little ass

  3. I would cut that back strap out of that swing so I could see her little asshole while she swings


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