Monday, September 23, 2013

Mo Money Mo Problems

I should be so excited that Kaia is potty trained and our fam is diaper-free during the day. 
And even better than not buying diapers is not wiping dirty bums!
Unfortunately, something not better than not wiping anymore kids is....
that same kid now thinking it is her own personal responsibility to wipe me.
I'm used to not being able to go to the bathroom alone- It's been 8 years since I've had that luxury. What I'm not used to is swatting little hands away that are forcefully coming at my privates with a handful of TP.
"But YES mommy, I wipe."
You know what they say, 
bigger kids= bigger problems.
And all I can do is shake my head in agreement.

(And PS, forget saving diaper money. You should see the massive amounts of toilet paper Kaia goes through...which is why kids shouldn't be allowed to wipe themselves for a LONG time. Unfortunately Kaia has decided that rule doesn't apply to her. Shocker...)

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