Monday, May 13, 2013

It Ain't Easy Being Stupid

If I've seen a bit on edge, it's because I am.
And rightly so.
I got fired from my job.
Well, one of my jobs.
Fortunately, I didn't get canned from my mothering gig.
But my title of Travel Agent???

I'm pretty sure it started last week when we were getting ready to head out to Boise and were getting all our ducks in a row.
This little text exchange may have uncovered my baby brain incompetence.

Note Yosh is white, me in blue.
Just when I should've been getting major bonus points for booking both the flights and a car without being asked (do I sound like a little kid or what), I put the nail in my own coffin--
I had absolutely no recollection of renting a car.
Which meant I didn't know the company we rented from, etc.
Poor Yosh. I imagine that sometimes talking to me is like talking to an Alzheimer-stricken grandma.

And as if completely forgetting a car reservation wasn't frustrating enough,  it at least had a saving grace. Meaning I had us a car and we weren't left high and dry.
But on the way home from the airport I was on the phone discussing a different upcoming trip.
One that's been planned for months.
Airline tickets were bought probably in November.
Housing was handled--
well when was it handled???
That small little hole was revealed in my phone conversation that Yosh was eavesdropping on. 
And you know how it is, when you get "bad news" but are in front of someone else, obvi you have to take on the role of calm, cool, and in control??
Yea, well that's about as deep as mine and Yosh's role playing goes.
So when I found out that most likely we didn't, after all, have our housing arranged, I tried to make it seem like it wasn't a big deal.
But I'll tell you what, it wasn't a full second after I'd pushed the hang up button that Yosh was quizzing me, 
"Wait, now what I did I just hear you say?"
I'm all, "Oh, I don't know. Which part?"
"How do we not have a hotel reservation? How are you just now figuring out there's a problem?"
Queue me mumbling something about, Well, it's just that I thought... and then maybe throwing in some,  So it's not that we don't have a reservation. That part we do have. It's just the issue of how much that reservation is going to cost......
And obvi that I finished this off with, "Don't worry. It's not time to panic yet."
Because truth be told, it wasn't.

It may have appeared that I had completely screwed things up, but it was still out for jury, TBD.
I sure hadn't thrown in the white flag.
Was I nervous?
A tad.
I knew we'd be able to find a place to stay for a reasonable price, but at the risk of not ending up with the Nielsen's and Peterson's, our traveling partners.
So after a looooong day of traveling and an hour at which I normally find Yosh snoring away,I spent the next bit trying to feel out my options in a very non-panicked, unstressful sort of way.

But at 9 am the next morning when I got the email the next morning that all my plan B's were not to be....
I started getting nervous. Felt that wave of panic which was obviously manifested in the distinct avoidance of any type of communication with Task Master Yosh.
And emergency conversations with Anneli and Kady.
And do you know what Anneli and Kady had to tell me???

That all this time, for months now, I've had a solid reservation AND rate locked down.
You guys, where am I when all these convos and decisions and reservations are taking place? Do I have a clone? A guardian angel? 

My saving grace on this one? I got to call Yosh up and act all baller and be like, "Well I'll have you know we had a solid reservation this WHOLE time and it's dirt cheap which probably means I should go do some major shopping."


I'll tell you what, I've never claimed to be a dumb girl or play the dumb girl part, but more and more I'm taking on Christy Desai's mantra...
It ain't easy being stupid.
It's causing me lots of hiccups and unnecessary awkward moments.
And may or may not have just caused me to get fired.
I'm a start working on my mind sharpening skills.

But I'll have you know Boise was fun and not many people can say their Saturday, Sunday, Monday went "wedding, baby blessing, funeral." But in deed, that was our weekend. And I know what you're thinking....
Obvi hashtag for an obviously great weekend.

Barely got took any pics. Barely as in, I took one photo.
Here it is.

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