Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Pinkalicious definition 
make little girls go crazy.
Wow, those words just flowed from my mouth.
Maybe I was meant to be a rapper in my other life.
That never existed.
Oooookay, back to reality.
Yes, it's a true story-
our house has added more and more pink to it's collection in these last two years.
And sometimes everything
As a reminder,
Kaia has yet to start speaking consistently in capital letters.
So after the reading of good ole
we were on a mission. 
We, as in Deeter demanding, me happily obliging.
The mission was to make pink cupcakes.
With pink frosting.
And a cherry on top.
The cherry was the most important part.
Said he.

And guess who ate nothing but the cherry when the project was all completed?
I told you the cherry was the most important part.
Did you see this literature to hands-on activity going on?
I know, I'm flabbergasted myself.
Thanks, Deets, for making mama feel like a Super Star Mom for a day.
He even awarded me the "Mom of the Week" star.


  1. I always knew you were meant to be a rapper! No one has beats or moves like my Gizay. Best mama award for sure! However, as a mom to three boys, I think you deserve that every week.


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