Wednesday, December 26, 2012

After the party it's the ...AFTERMATH

I'm going to pretend like I didn't just hear Deeter jump out of his cuna and shut his door. I'm also going to pretend like everyone is learning Spanish and wants to know that a crib is cuna. Check that off your list for today: one word down, only a million more to go.

But can we talk about the Christmas aftermath?
I'd be lying if I didn't say I feel excellent today. By 11 am, I had 4 kids fed, dressed, and 2 of them out the door for baseball camp. I had beds made, kitchen looking spotless, sprayed down with chlorine and all, floors swept, base boards cleaned (please don't let Yosh find out that I actually know how to do these types of jobs...), Christmas decor taken down. {Now may or may not be an appropriate time to interject the trivial fact that I put up a total of like 5 decorations. If that's not called thinking ahead, then I don't know what is.} And all this was done on just one 8 ounce can of Diet Coke. 

So now that we got Christmas and Christmas clean-up out of the way, let's get on with the aftermath.
What is that? you ask.
I will explain.
And let me put it to you bluntly.
I'm ready to shop.

Yea baby!
It's like now that I got everyone else's wants/needs/must haves crossed {or not...} off the list, after I've slipped the tennis instructor an extra $20, hooked up all the 50 teachers in my children's lives, watched Yosh throw in a nice extra tip every time we've been out to eat, and have done my darndest to be conscious of others-- others being defined as everyone but me--.... And don't get me wrong, I love this about Christmas.
but.. I'd be straight up lying if I said every December 26th I'm not all of a sudden acutely aware of a 137 things I need to buy. For me. For the matriarch of this house.

So in no particular order, let me tell you how my credit card might possibly get maxed out:

1) a printer- not giving up on this yet

2) bunk beds- big boys must have bunk beds now

3) new bedding....probably for the whole crew. Excessive? Fine, just for big boys' bunk beds. Specifically, this bedding below. In love.

4) a new living room rug- if I have to look at the black marks one more time, I might vomit.

5) this one is a two part need: a) an organizer b) all the organizing accessories she recommends.

6) the loft redone with a huge L-shaped built in desk.

7) Awesome chairs for I'm-not-exactly-sure-where.
34" Orbit Spitfire Chair

Mini Chelsea Chair

Okay, I'll stop with my top 7. Because 7 is my favorite number. And because if I get to dreaming to anything beyond my top 7, I'm sure I'll also have to add a new husband to the list.
And that would just be awkward.

Now I'm off to continue my dreaming and probably my cleaning too.
And to catch Deeter creeping into Dallin's bed to finally begin his nap.
Consider that last sentence part of my predictions folder.

Ah ha!
Does a mom know her own child or what?
Minus that detail that he'd actually be sleeping...

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