Monday, November 5, 2012

A Tough Rule to Follow

It's an unwritten rule that when the forecast calls for 86 and sunny at a time of year that absolutely shouldn't be flaunting that kind of provocativeness...
that one must succumb. Give in to the dirty devil and drink of the deliciousness. Push all excuses out of mind and seize the day, seize the beach. Make memories before there aren't any memories to be making.

My innate rebellion to be a rule breaker has long been in reform. I've been trying to toe the line, follow the rhythm, obey the rhyme. And the result....
I had no choice but to pull the kids from school and hit the Cove.

Because 86 degrees on November 5th definitely qualifies as provocative. Straight sexy.
And Porter claiming he didn't feel well this morning wrote the perfect escape route.
But me having to work in the classroom presented a road block.
Because there's also a rule that says "Moms don't call in sick just to go to the beach."
It seemed to be a Catch 22.

But only at the surface. Because the easy solution was to sign the boys out after I finished my shift at 11:10.
I tried looking all inconspicuous and what not. I wanted to avoid any direct questioning, any unnecessary prodding. 
You don't think my get-up gave us away, do you?

Low key baby.
I avoided any intimate interaction, got the slips filled out, with a perfect check next to 'personal business', and with that....
we were on our way to follow rules.
And get some work done...

And play in the waves...

Here's to following rules.
And taking advantage of 86 and sunny whenever it comes.


  1. We have the heat but no beach here...:( Looks great!!

  2. Cal had a teacher who reminded me that our kids learn far more by experiences than they do at a few days of school. Keep it up mama! (I also cringed a little when I saw your laptop at the beach, but you are well aware of my sand issues.)


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