Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What's in a Name?

Do you see all that nice dark, brown hair?
Isn't it gorgeous?!
That's sweet Kaia Marie at about 9 days.
After seeing her full head of dark hair and realizing that this is what our Kaia looked like- after being left to mere guessing for the previous 9 months-,
I revealed one of my name hang-ups to Yosh.

Ever since I was pregnant with Dallin, we somehow fell in love with the name Kaia for a baby girl. 
I thought her name would be spelled Kia. But admittedly, that could be very confusing for both her and the car. 
Yosh had other ideas anyway. He thought we should spell her name "Kaia"- just one letter off from the island of Kauai. Yosh loved that little Hawaiian island. And who are we kidding, what's not to love.
Isn't that adorable? Even sentimental, if you will?

It was like Kaia was a part of our family from the very, very beginning, we just needed an actual little girl to put a face to the name. 
And then, how ever many years later, here came our perfect little baby girl.

There was only one reason I thought our chosen name wasn't absolutely perfect.
"You know the one thing I struggled with about the name 'Kaia'? I always thought it sounded a bit more....ethnic, I guess. A blond hair Kaia just doesn't seem to go. But sure enough, baby girl came out with a head full of dark hair. The name totally fits her."
That dark head of hair dissolved any disconnect. 

And here we are at 19 months...

She's as blond as it gets and her blue eyes are the first thing anyone notices about her!
Yet she's 100% a Kaia.
Her name fits her just as perfectly as it did with a head full of dark hair!

And speaking of perfection,
I'll let you in on a secret.

Lemon frozen yogurt.
So soft and creamy.
Throw a few wafer cookies, crumbled, on top...

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  1. names are such a hard thing for me. we had the WORST time coming up with a name for baby j. but in the end, its perfect. he is jj, baby j, joshua. its funny to me. we had a girl name all picked out. i was SURE he was going to be a girl. even made the dr check a few more times throughout. but it is how it should be.

  2. I love when a name crosses the line of what a person should look like. I mean who can say I don't look like a taneal. Who knows what a taneal looks like?

  3. the only kaia's i know are blondes! it makes perfect sense when you think of a little beach bum blondie!! it's perfect. it's spunky and she's spunky. love it. we 've had a boy name picked out since we got engaged. too bad we'll prob never get to use it, maybe just a girl version of it!! hehe

  4. Lemon frozen yogurt, Are you kidding me? This sounds too good to be true.

    Love that beautiful Kaia girl. And those blue eyes, she owns you & Yosh with those. You will never be able to tell her no!

  5. Her blue eyes are just beautiful! Love that picture!

  6. She's a gorgeous little girl! And I think Kaia is a beautiful name...I also think it was a good judgement call that you didn't go with Kia...that might have been a lovely name at some point but it's just really hard to not think of the car company now! They ruined it!


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