Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Obvious answers

What's a girl to do when she's out school shopping and stumbles across a pair of neon flats that are on sale for half price?


Buy one in each color- freakin hot pink, blazin orange, bright yellow....HELLOOOOOOO!

Just kidding, just kidding. I restrained myself and managed to narrow my tempting selection down to a bright yellow. I mean, after all, I had to be able to buy my kids some shoes also. 

{That might have been a bit awkward stumbling through the front door with three pairs of shoes for myself AND.....none for the kids...}

So the bebes- all four of them- and I loaded our large-clan-selves up and hit the road. We had things to do. Dreams of Adizeros (the latest and greatest shoes in the minds of 5 and 7 yr olds FYI) were calling the boys' names- specifically stylist connoisseur, Pistol Pope Hansen. And it was finally...FINALLY...time to do back to school shopping. Which meant possibly...POSSIBLY...he'd be landing himself a pair of these beauties that he's been left to only dream about.

Let me tell you, acting on dreams puts EVERYONE in a good mood. And that good mood could be felt deep in our car. We roll up to our parking spot- a MONEY parking spot I must add- and guess who's ushering us into the money spot? I swear, no pun was intended was Usher. Usher starts blasting through the speakers and 3 kids are singing and one big mama has her hand raised and her dance face on. I go to turn the car off, and B man interrupts the process with a persistence that every party- because don't doubt that this was anything less than a party- needs- "Mom, don't turn off the music...can we EXPLODE this song?"

Explode the song?
I'm thinking bombs and explosives, you know, things of that sort. 

But he was all, "Yea Mom, let's EXPLODE this song."

Ooooohhhh yeah baby, he wants to BUMP some Usher!
And this post ain't called "Obvious Answers" for nothing!!!!

So up goes the volume go ALL the doors- back hatch included- of my....white minivan
{Possibly it looked like a Mercedes with all doors open? {{Clip on that link, that was a good story!}} One can hope.}

Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh ohOh oh, oh my goshYou make me want to sayOh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh

And finally....after teenage years of bumping good music, cruisin the strip, State St, Main St....WHATEVER the place to drive up and down and up and down again on Friday night may have been called...


I'm getting that fleeting attention that all those years ago wanted nothing to do with me! 
Ya'll, people were looking at me- dare I say-...longingly?!! They thought I was...COOL. With a capital C. And I guess an O-O-L too.
Minivan and all.  
They were impressed by both my mothering skills Do not doubt.
They were dreaming about me being their mother. Or...should we go there? We're going there...dreaming about me being their baby mama.
I was the definition of cool for that brief 4 minutes and 45 seconds. I could see in in their eyes and possibly somewhat strange looks.

I don't have time for on-lookers.
I'm more in the market for impressing 7,5,3, and 1 year olds. 

Done and done. Check. Mission accomplished. I did just that. With  bit of help from my boy, Usher.

So OF COURSE with a start like that I came home with a steal of a deal in the form of bright yellow flats.

And OF COURSE the boys decided on shoes that were half the price of Adizeros.

We were all WINNERS.

And I was COOL. With a capital C.

And now...back to reality.


  1. Gay you're waaaay cool in my book. Love the neon...and so glad you got a pair in every color. those boys are lucky to have an awesome mom like you.

    p.s. loved your last post. It's a freaking scary world out there and the more you can protect yourself and kids the better!

    1. i'm getting them all prepped for us to do our hansen/hickcox concert series together in a few years, right?!!

  2. Ok love the t shirt with white Jeans and neon shoes! Mini vans are the new "in" thing ?! you are cool with a "C" in my book :-)

    1. HAILEY…don't even go there, you're getting dangerously close. Back away from the minivan!

  3. Love you gay!! Sounds like a great moment. Loving your spread...u look waaaaay cute :)

    1. becca you joined the MV club, too, didn't you?!! and love that you referred to it as..."the spread"! awesome!

  4. cute shoes!! can't wait to go shopping with you once I can fit into stuff again :)

    1. oh i'm ready! maybe we'll even do it in san fran....!
      i'm ready to dress sweet baby boy too!

  5. So glad you passed on the pink and orange so I can hook myself up. I'll tell you what - you have taught those boys right. I had your two oldest and my two in the car a while ago and I had full surround sound while cranking the tunes. First time ever I've looked forward to teenagers! (Then again, I probably won't be allowed to sing when it's a car full of teenagers because they'll have figured out how un-Cool I am!)

    1. esp the orange for! yea when they're teenagers we're gonna look like a bunch of losers. but we'll take them back to their roots- remind them where they learned to jam like this!

  6. Oh my goodness! Thank you for giving me a good laugh. I needed it tonight! I can picture this whole scene playing out perfectly in my head & I am loving every second of it. Ps. Your outfit is bomb! Loving all of it.

  7. you are gorgeous and hilarious! i love the neon flats with the white jeans and grey cute!

    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie


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