Friday, June 29, 2012

The Rumors aren't True- I don't have Lice and Herpes

I'm just sunburned.
Flaking at the scalp.
Blistering on the lips.
The arrow got lost, it really should be pointing up.
In case you hadn't found the fatty sore on your own.

 So a word to the wise.....
no, it has nothing to do with putting sunscreen on your lips and scalp....
 {I earned every last red of that sunburn sitting poolside on my Newport get-away}
It has to do with saying stuff out loud.
Don't make statements including the word "NEVER" unless... 
you're willing to eat your words.
And end up with a pair of animal print pants.
Because from the first time I put on my neon-orange-striped shirt, I couldn't deny who it's soul mate was.
So when I blindly stumbled on these pants....
I was ready.
Love finds you when you least expect it.

Never say Never.
{I love you Justin Bieber even though my boys say you sing like a girl. I know deep down they love you too.}
{shirt: Madewell. pants: Denise Carolyn. necklace: Stella and Dot. shoes: Zappos}


  1. seriously L.O.V.E this outfit!! You totally can rock it :)

  2. I got to see this ensemble "real time" and it was AMAZ! Good job Gay!! XOX

  3. i love all of it...i want the necklace and i LOOOOVE the pants...grrr momma

  4. You are hilarious! I also love those pants...and GOOD FOR YOU for looking great even when you felt crappy! ;) Always a way to make it better, right?!

  5. love it! you totally rock it... grrr mama grrr!! and i have that necklace, love that too!


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