Monday, June 18, 2012

{Productive Relaxation}

That's what weekends should be made of, if you ask me.
And our little fam is trying to get back on track about getting our booties in gear and doing FUN together. 
I'm embarrassed to admit how close we live to the beach....
and how seldom we go. But I'll have you all that we're working on this sad truth. 
I'm currently in the business of making us for real beach-ers. 
And it is work.
Yanking the kids out of the house is no small task. They are perfectly content filling afternoons with basketball and hand ball and toys and pushing strollers around the house and more basketball. 
Which seems fine and dandy except for one thing....
I'm not content with that. And Yosh isn't either. We've outgrown those interests. So it causes a bit--- a BIG bit--- of segregation in our activities. 
As in the kids do their own thing and only talk to us when they want cookies or Gatorade.
Which in theory sounds like a heavenly day....
but then we miss out on bonding with them.
And 10 years down the road we're going to wish we would have provided activities that included US.
So despite the hard work it is, we went ahead and yanked them all out of the house.
It didn't take long to get settled in at the beach.
Sis shuffled her little self down to the water front as fast as her chubby legs would carry her.
She just squeals when the water passes over her feet. 
She pushed ahead and literally giggled when the water pulled against her, rushing back out to the ocean.
She was the first to full body lay in the sand and just roll around, absolutely content to just be there.
The kids were enthralled with the sand crab hunting. Something clicked this trip and Yosh and I finally became experts at finding those creepy little things. We collected quite the bucket full.
Which Kaia tried to consume.
Photo: Family fun at the beach. It was a good day…
It was an EXCELLENT couple of hours.
I really love this little fam.

Next on the weekend agenda was a Saturday night date with the Yosh Train.
Why are weekly date nights so important?
I'm reminded of the answer every time we just make it happen.
Quiet magic happens on dates.
It's great to reconnect after a busy, busy week.

 We tried to really-- like REALLY-- celebrate Father's Day this year.
I'm trying to step out of my minimalistic mentality and incorporate just a little bit... more.
So Yoshi got a candy bar poster.
Can I admit something?
I think I prefer making one that is just a titch more ....edgy? Maybe edgy is the word.
Like there should always be one line where you question the appropriateness of it.
Just question it. It would never be inappropriate. Of course.

I also should admit that by about 4:00, my cheerful, do everything attitude was about worn down. 
And I finally asked-- just for clarification purposes-- if my baby daddy wasn't going to do anything to contribute all day.
Just so I could know. And set my expectations accordingly.
{Interpreted: I was sick of doing everything myself and ready for help.}
He conceded to pick up after himself.
Maybe next year I'll have more endurance.
Thankfully I long ago resigned my ambition to become the perfect wife.
Which makes the joke of me being the perfect wife that much funnier.

Don't worry, I spared you the copy of the side with the REAL love letter!
Maybe next time!

So anyways, Productive's gonna be my new specialty.

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