Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{Hot or Knot}

So how are we feeling about the knot these days?

I must be honest, I'm loving the flashback to the 80's. First, everything neon. And now, I'm having trouble finding a long shirt that I don't like to knot.

My friend, Jacy, does a fun fashion column each Wednesday featuring one of her readers. And guess what? Today is my day! Go check it out and while you're there, think about sending in your own submission! She has a side bar called "Participation" that tells you how! Here's the link, give it a quick click!

We're off to Newport for a couple of days, where if things go my way I won't be washing my hair even once even though we'll be pooling it up every single day. Maybe even twice a day.

And I'll have you know that we began our summer bucket list yesterday, that being the first day of our summer break and all. For an hour and a half I listened to a child tell me how I hated him and how everything  was my fault. If things continue in this pattern, nostalgia could be pretty evasive. But we're gonna keep pluggin on!


  1. obsessed with the knot. Unfortunately I have been having to knot my shirts over my ginormous belly, but I dream of the day it will fit below it. :) You are beautiful my friend!

  2. i've always been a knot-ter. mostly cuz otherwise lot's o' shirts look frumpy. it's a must. in fact i knotted ;) yesterday and prob will again today. btw, your friend above has the same blog name as mine. how funny!

  3. I'm lovin the wear it well!
    it does give major flash backs...i used to have some loopy cirlce thing that i would pull my shirts through
    but it's much more chic now ;)
    have so much fun!

  4. HOT KNOT! I dig it! You look so smokin in these :)

    Have fun in Newport.... I love that place :)

  5. Yes to the knot! Anything I wore in 8th grade is still RAD! Im even going to admit here that I just bought a pair of overalls. I'm predicting a heard it here first.

  6. definitely loving this knot trend! both of these outfits are absolutely adorable! loving the stripes especially!!!
    xo TJ


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