Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{Dream Catcher}

I dream at an illegal rate. I dream about running routes, vacations, service trips, meals, Saturday nights, summer days, etc etc. My dreams are made in rapid sketch, unfortunately lacking a lot of detail. That's probably why many of them don't take shape. They remain half-finished in some folder that got misplaced.

But my Yosh Train...that's not how he rolls. He hand picks a few dreams here and there...and just makes them happen. He is in the business of "making memories". I admire that about him. He's a dream catcher.

His recent catch landed him a trip to Brazil, celebrating his 10-year mission reunion.

 His week consisted of some once-in-a-lifetime memories.
Mine wasn't as extraordinary.
But it was also far from boring.
My baby sis was out for the week and we conquered a couple of good memories.

Between our crews, there's a LOT of babies to take care of. 6 kids to 2 adults is a ratio I don't care to achieve! But we managed a little bit of beach time, the kids' last baseball game {or at least half ot it!}, some good outside meals, Madagascar 3 {loved!}, co-hosting a baby shower, and lots of chit-chatting.
Good cousin time trumps my aversion to chaos.

And in an effort to do some memory making myself, Sunday didn't stop at airport shuttling and church and naps. The kids and I spent the late afternoon splashing in the pool. We topped the night off with a Taco Bell dinner eaten roadside. The boys proudly killed lots of Doritos Loco Tacos while we watched the surfers- part of our nostalgic past that made a comeback at just the right time.

But alas....
my baby is back.

Time to merge our memory makin!

Are you a dream catcher or just a dreamer? What of your dreams are easiest to catch?

ps i'm taking the twitter plunge, follow along @agirlnamedgay!

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