Monday, May 14, 2012

That's what Weekends are made of

My weekend consisted of:

~a lot of 7-year-old celebrating.

~a run where I unintentionally almost made my partner throw up.

~a little league baseball game where Kaia had the most steals.

~a Kidville stop where the babies ran wild under someone else's eye.

~a risque wardrobe change in the car after finding Rack gems.
We match! And yes, this is taken at McD's. Courtesy of Lo.
~a friend dinner where I got in the ab work-out I haven't done all week.
husbands came. but that picture looks even more devilish than this one.
~a Mother's Day where I redefined my definition of lazy.

~an anti-delicious BBQ. Minus the corn. Looks can be deceiving. 

~a naked cheek and a sirsty boy.

It also consisted of a new commitment to using the real camera- it's loaded and ready to shoot!

Hope it was a good weekend...who's ready for this crazy, upcoming week?!!


  1. I guess I missed the story about the wardrobe change. Love you bringing around the lo nickname. Nobody was picking it up when I was pushing it :) 'twas a great night. Had some good chuckles Sunday remembering Anneli swearing

  2. And maybe we should clarify that we didn't actually eat dinner at mcds. Not that we are too classy to!

  3. Laura its just falling off the tongue these days- must be all about timing! FYI- I am too classy to eat at McDs for date night. I'm drawing the line there! M-F is all good, not sat nite! Haha! Just had a thought- imagine Anneli pregnant and sassy AND cussing at everyone. That would be awesome.

  4. I'm not buying your "unintentional" one bit. I know you've been out to kick my trash for a while. You packed in quite a weekend. Way to make it happen!

  5. I'm excited for the real camera pics ;-) Love all the pics of Kaia!

  6. That cheek is priceless! really! It's so squeezable.

    Look at you, you seem like the sweetest kindest mother just soaking up every childhood moment. And why was the bbq anti-delicious?

    1. Ditto everything that scabs said :) Looks great Gay!

    2. oh girls, do not be fooled! i'll be soaking up a moment here and there but lately i feel like those moments are just quick breaths up for air while otherwise being stuck underwater. we're working on it tho! DE-STRESS!


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