Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Help Yourself

There's certain sneaky sounds that cause me my own mischievous smile.
I hear naked little feet pitter-pattering at a constant pace. They momentarily stop. And then start up again. But this time, they're accompanied by the sound of a scooting object.
In this exact moment I know the destination of the movement....
It will be mere seconds before Deeter's cube box acts as a stepping stool to elevate his little hand
into the awaiting jar of colorful sugar....
These Jelly Bellies have been a great addition to our snack bar, located openly on the counter top.
Deeter is very responsible with his allocations- only grabbing a dainty handful.
Porter even more so- his tippy toes give him perfect perspective to select the ONE he needs.

The only mishap was throwing away the legend. It's been a trickier non-science figuring out what colors/patterns match which flavor. And thus complicating the ability to pinpoint which flavors are our current favorites. Each one of us have been individually caught from time to time... hovering over the jar, carefully selecting, and sometimes inspecting a candy mid-chew, in an effort to match favorite flavor with identity.
While it admittedly can be a nasty, time-comsuming cycle, we could be battling bigger problems........

Like coming up with the perfect combination and proportions from our favorite trail mix...

Archer Farms® Caramel Cashew Trail Mix - 37 oz..Opens in a new window
{which is 2 cashews and one chocolate-covered caramel...the peanuts and M&Ms are for the runner-ups}

There's nothing hard-knock about this part of our life. 

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