Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Confessions

~I use my seat warmer a lot. Almost every day. Realized that when I was on my way to Hunger Games. And guess what? I'm ready to go to Hunger Games again. Who's in?

~It only takes about 3 beats before Kaia has one hand up in dance mode. Proud moments for a mom.
{a few of her favorite songs: Party Rock Anthem, Just Can't Get Enough by Urban Method, We Found Love}
{notice my Iphone in her hand..this is how she rolls with her music.}

~Remember that feeling when you got engaged? Well, take that down about 3 notches and that's how I felt yesterday. Porter was anticipating my arrival {to pick him up from school} so that he could present me with a ring he found that he knew was just for me. He was so proud and it melted my heart, a real tender moment.

~If my boys find their way to the slammer, I don't plan on bailing them out. That being said, hopefully we won't have left them empty-handed. Totally preparing them to earn respect, and thus, survival: mad basketball and hand ball skillz.
{literal hours a day are spent on this court and on that back wall}

~The Deetz is referring to "Gabrielle" a lot. I think we've got a smart one...he pronounces my name better than 70% of the people I meet. Oh and he's the newest Jedi at our house {and is also working on inaugurating his sister.}

~"I know Dallin can sometimes be a c-h-e-a-t-e-r," I said to Dallin's friend's mom. "Cheater, mom. Remember you forget I can spell. Like the other day, you said the cheese smelled like d-u-m-p? And I said dump?" My look of shock urged him on, "You did, mom. You said the cheese smelled like dump. What?" Dang it, I often say things smell like d-u-m-p.

Now....let Spring Break begin! Love me some vacation, even if it's only the kids having a vacation from school!

~Oh and PS...I'm still addicted to SCRAMBLE. Which I've decided is my Continuing Ed class for Motherhood. So get off my back.


  1. Dang, I am in the 70% aren't I?

  2. I know Gay doesn't think her own sis is in the 70% but I completely disagree:0)

  3. hahah i love these. 1- Kaia and Mason can have dance parties together and he can show her his killer drum skills. His love for music is insane
    2- Porter is the sweetest...i love
    3- If my kids ever make it to the slammer that can enjoy their nights stay...cause this momma aint bailing them out!
    last- I SUCK at scramble...I used to be good and then I've gotten worse as time goes on. I'm not sure how that happens...somehow I'm expelling to much brain energy and my mind goes on overload and shuts down.

  4. Laura, I would have to administer another test but I feel like you've moved your way to the 30%. And Cali, I haven't given up on you. Maybe you should take lessons from Laura {even tho you two pronouce it wrong differently if that makes sense!}
    Cami, can we seriously get Mason and Kaia together for a jam session?!! OH shoot, and I'm just remembering your and Porter's little crush.... {right?}

  5. I would just like to encourage you to continue dominating Caleb in scramble. He far to often dominates everyone else (me included) in those games so its a good piece of humble pie for him. And no, I will not invite you to play a game against me because that would be far to embarrassing. Only if you promised to play a game of soccer against me in return would I ever consider it ;-)

  6. That little porter has to be the sweetest thing ever! I hope you treasure & save that ring forever. Love all of your sweet & very well behaved children. They are too precious!

  7. Lol why did the cheese smell like a dump??

  8. Hey the photos are really cute and the kids are looking so active in playing....these are real memorable photos of yours.. :)


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