Monday, January 9, 2012


....that will last a lifetime. That is the goal I have for my kids and I. 

Take a look at the pic and marvel at the masterpiece of this saying imposed right on top. Yes, I did it myself and am feeling like quite the artist. Thanks, Picassa!

But the words.... So I wrote this thinking more along the lines of a family motto or something like that. Until I talked to a friend and realized this wasn't a family motto at all. Or even what I had in mind when picking the words. What I was really thinking about was how to build and bond this relationship between parents and kids. Everyone wants it but we don't all achieve it. I mean, who has kids thinking, "Yea, it would be nice to kinda get along with them for like the first 5 or 10 years." one. But I'm a checklist kind of girl. I need bullet points to tell me how to achieve something. So with my limited knowledge and experience base, this is what I came up with.

Laugh Daily
It's something we can do together every. single. day. If we learn how to laugh together, we got a good start to something lasting.
Seize Moments
So I really wanted it to say aprovechar moments. But the whole bilingual thing even rubbed me the wrong way- couldn't settle with it. Direct translation would be "take advantage of moments", but.....I wanted a one-word replacement. So I settled on 'seize'. These moments usually come when the kids ask me to do something and I'm tempted to say no out of pure laziness but....pull it together and say yes. I am always 'present' when these moments occur- not texting, or FBing, or watching TV or anything else. I am all theirs. And when I give myself FULLY to them, it opens the door for something magical to happen. This doesn't occur on a daily basis, and you can't plan them, but opportunities arise somewhat frequently.
Create Memories
These are the more planned, bigger events. Whether a family vacation, an outing to the Dodgers game, getting dressed up and going to "The Lion King" together. These events take place on a much less frequent basis but play an important role as well. The role of experiencing new things as a family together, being outside the normal home environment, passing more than 30 minutes of QT together. These memories will be the subject of those conversations that start with, "Remember when......" Easy to pinpoint and isolate from everyday life.

Oh I want those kids {and my Yoshie} in my life forever. And I want "history"- positive history- that goes back as far as their sharp little minds remember.

This is my plan for 2012 on how to build and nurture those relationships most important to me.

What are your ideas for building lasting family relationships?

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