Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm starting to get on my Own Nerves

....with all these preachy posts of "Words to Live By". Thankfully, today is the last of them and it's a 2 for 1 kind of day.

1) Don't prematurely brace myself for the fall.
I've been working on this completely illogical habit of not fully enjoying the up cycle of life. While on the up-swing, I would pepper myself with questions and advice such as, "What did I do to deserve this? I better keep my guard up so I can predict the fall. When is something bad going to happen? If I don't completely let my hair down, it won't be as shocking when the hard times come." Incorrect. Lived like a true risk-aversionist (is that a word? Should be if it isn't.) Not anymore. Guard is down. I'm willing to be caught totally off guard,  face-plant it with my hands tied behind my back and deal with it when it actually happens.

2) No More Band-Aids
I didn't grow up in a house with fancy band-aids. No Toy Story, or Princesses, or Go Diego Go band-aids. Just the classic nude color. Who knows if it was conscious strategy or not. But we weren't whining to mom for every scratch to come band-aid us up. Now had Snow White been on those band-aids, I think I would've found more reason to be needing one. Or imagine Zack Morris band-aids. I would have skinned my knee on purpose to wear him around all day back then. But the boring wasn't a hot commodity and got it's ugly self ripped off right as soon as it's purpose was served.

Do you know what I've been doing for about the last year at my house? I'm on the computer, need something printed, and instantly click compose on my gmail and start drafting, "Dear Secretary, I have another chore for you. Please print out attached document and bring it home from work with you. Love, your wizzie" Why don't I just print it out myself? I've been out of black ink for awhile and it's on my list of things I HATE to buy {along with laundry detergent and razors}, so I find a way to not only inconvenience my life {as there are many times that not being able to print something right away foils my to-do list} but....also inconvenience someone else's.

Dallin B's attitude has definitely taken a turn for the worse. I would love to say it came out of nowhere, but it hasn't. At the beginning stages, I was all, "Oh, he's a good kid, he can't be perfect. Let it slide." Then it worsened and my attitude was more along the lines of, "I don't know what the heck to do with a snotty 6-year-old." And now I'm at the point of going into full-blown, boot camp mode where any snotty comment is deserving of just shy of a beating. I identified this problem along time ago but just didn't want to deal with it. So I put a band-aid on. And didn't go away.

I use band-aids more often than I'd like to in different aspects of my life. I'm converting to a nude only band-aid mentality this year.  Instead of inviting problems to stay and linger for as long as they would like by camoflauging them in some rosy cover up, I'm going to work harder on solving problems at the root and getting them taken care of the first time. And those times when band-aids are necessary, I'm going to have it be top priority to rip them off asap- hairs and all.

And to sum up the rest of 2012 "Words to Live By":

3) Engaging in Happiness as a journey 

4) Laugh Daily, Seize Moments, Create Memories

5) Pull It Together {which I'm sure will remain on my list for the rest of my life}

I need to hang this list in various places around the house as reminders. 
YOSH, can you print 5 copies off and bring them home for me? Love, your wizzie


  1. I am loving all of these words to live by for 2012.

    I've missed reading your posts Gay! So happy to be back in the world of blogging. :)

  2. My older sister (the source of my parenting wisdom) informed me that her kids went through a winey phase akin to the terrible two's but around age 7. Personally we are hitting it hard at 8, but I wouldn't be shocked if that's what you are dealing with from Dallin. I'm sure he's still a good kid - just going through a phase.

  3. I don't have much wisdom to share, but I enjoy your thoughts... Having my second child is most likely going to teach me a lot, because I often have a fairly strong opinion about parenting (but only have one child to get my perspective from)... I think you are a wonderful Mother and love that you share your opinions.

    I was having a bit of a hard time deciding whether I should use my bumper pads (That I spent time making) because of some article I read about Bumper Pads being "BAD" and after I read your car seat post I thought "I am the Mother and I think it's safe", I am going to use them... So thank you. Em

  4. Vickie, I'm hoping it's a stage. I'll tell you what, parenting has many pieces of heartbreak along the way!

    Emily, I remember learning that lesson when Dallin was 3 weeks old and my mom was in town. he hadn't been sleeping and then he fell asleep on his tummy and stayed asleep. of course this was when the doctors were saying back or side only. my mom taught me to trust my own instincts a bit better. can't wait for your new baby- hopefully you'll post pics of your latest projects.

  5. Loving all of your words to live by many of them are hitting so close to home for me! Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful insight! PS- If you haven't tried it already, Costco refills ink cartridges for $7-$9 depending on if its color or black ink. It's SOOO much cheaper than buying a new cartridge!! Just be careful when you handle them, they can't go in the light, get bumped, etc. But so worth it :)


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