Thursday, December 22, 2011

Where's the Magic?

Does the magic of Christmas really lie in your heart or lie to your heart?
If the magic of Christmas lies in your heart, then "The List" I received:

Christmas List
the Force

(Which I of course instantly translated to read:)
Christmas List

......then the list I received will be accepted with absolutely no question. I am sure there is some connection between list 1 and 2 and since I believe, the kids will, too.  And we'll all be happy and satisfied. They won't pout like spoiled children because the requested list wasn't fulfilled to the tee. And I won't have to tell them that no there's really NO SUCH THING as the Force, magic, OR crystals (the magic kind at least.) And- heaven forbid- I have to tell them there's no such thing as....that one guy.  

But if the magic of Christmas lies to the heart, well then by golly, we are in full Christmas spirit over here at my house. Because it has turned me into a lying machine and I AM NOT A LIAR {except when door-to-door salesmen stop by, then one or two might slip out.} I have a real problem with this. I hate feeling like I'm feeding my kids a load of crap every time anything on the subject comes up. I'm avoiding eye contact, mumbling off unfinished sentences and doing everything short of running out of the house- screaming- with my arms raised in surrender. If they had just an ounce of innate lie detection, I would of been a goner a long time ago. Now don't go "Bah hum-buggin" me for all this. I have NOT let the cat out of the bag and I don't intend to. I'm all about the real meaning of Christmas, the idea of increased giving but my gosh there's gotta be some way to remedy my poor conscience and let her enjoy the Holiday too instead of being trodden down with guilt. In an attempt to relieve pressure, I've already reduced Santa down to the man who brings ONE gift. Shoot, I can't remember if he fills the stockings or not. I have about 3 days to figure out if that's him or us........ ONE gift from Santa. The rest from mom and dad. 

And that doesn't take away from the magic of Christmas at all. When else in the year do you have brownies and cookies and treats every time you turn around? And twinkling lights dancing to your Christmas playlist as you drive around the town admiring the adorably decorated houses? And gifts LOADED under the tree just for you? There's no way to disguise the magic of Christmas season. And just in case Santa is the underlying thread that ties all this together for the kids, I'm gonna keep my lips zipped, deal with a guilty conscience, and just dream of singing "The Magic of Christmas......lies in MOM and DAD."


  1. We've been pretty straight with our kids from the get go. We talk about St. Nick and how generous he was (a long time ago - kids interpret as DEAD), but there's never been a present under the tree from Santa Claus. And you know what? My kids are still so excited and bouncing off the walls. My mom thinks we should let them believe in Santa, but as the youngest of 5 I never had that pleasure ... and even though I'm the giver, I think I like Christmas even more. So someday when you/your kids are ready for the truth, don't worry - the magic will still be there. =)

  2. I loved just believing in something as a kid. I was the youngest of 7 and kind of knew at a young age but I chose to believe anyway. I wanted to. It was fun and exciting. We have decided on just 1 present from Santa as well (I don't like giving all the credit to the big guy, like I didn't spend all that time picking the perfect gifts for my little guys!) and the stockings are traditionally filled by Santa as well. It seems to work. Although I do have to say that my conscience struggles during this time of year too...but I forgave my parents so I think the boys will forgive me too ;-)

  3. I have a hard time with the lying too, especially since chase asks a million questions. But believing in Santa is so magical you just can't take that away. I have a harder time lying about the eastr bunny or tooth fairy where the storyline isn't as clearly laid out for us so I feel like I have to make up a ton of crAp. Like chose just asked
    Me the Other day where the tooth fairy lived and I had no idea what to tell him

  4. I'm with Laura. Santa is a magical part of childhood that I am going to try to keep my kids believing in for as long as possible. As for their questions, I try to answer with a question. :)

  5. i am a believer. i believe in the spirit of santa and Christmas. i will teach my boys when they are old enough. there is something magical about the whole thing. like a disney princess to a little girl. why ruin it? my family was blessed several times over while i was growing up by "santa" and i am forever thankful. i hope to do the same myself for others each year. i believe in santa. he lives inside all who let him.
    i think trying to focus on the "reason for the season" is also really important. i try to do that. its my favorite time of year.


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