Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Welcome back, Saturdays

For fear of messing with any Elf voodoo, this is where Henry spent the rest of his day. The boys found him this morning on our doorknob, which I thought was absolutely brilliant. Apparently, his gymnastic skills weren't quite up to par and pretty fast he found himself face first on the ground. Man up, Henry....we need a STRONG elf in our house!
Great news...starting this week we have our Saturdays back! And Thursday nights! And Friday nights!!! Yes, football and basketball season have come to an end.
It was sweet- the coaches handed out the trophies individually and said something about that player.
Porter- to our strong player who was making shots from way back out by the end of the season.
Dallin- to our player who did it all- dribbled, shot, rebounded.
Porter- this young man was not even on the team at the start of the year. He started coming to practice, even if his brother couldn't make it, and turned into a good player and someone that was important to the team.
Dallin- this was someone that I've been with for three seasons {right then Dallin stood up to take the stage!}. He's always been a critical player and someone I've been able to depend on to get plays done for me.

One thing about getting older...I love seeing and really grasping the details and sacrifice and recognizing all the little work that goes into making this world go around. Love these adults that take a few hours out of their week to make my kids feel like a million bucks. They've been right all along...it really takes a village.

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  1. Loved how you handled the school incident. Well done. The art of handling tough conversations is under rated. I dare say that if you talk to someone in the right tone and level headed you will get what you want out of the situation.

    Our Elf "Oliver" had a nasty fall in front of Connor. It was surprisingly hard to explain. Connor said "I thought he could fly?"...


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