Monday, December 12, 2011


Does 10 1/2 months qualify for 12ish months? Because I'm sure I read something very professional that said "Babies should start drinking cow's milk at 12ish months". I know, very loose language. But I went with it and am hoping I'm not jumping the gun. I wish you could have seen Kaia with her first bottle of whole milk. She took a few swigs, pulled the bottle out of her mouth, looked at it, and..... literally giggled. Capture that on film and you have a commercial that sells itself. But...I think it gave her the Diarrhea word so we're gonna hold off a bit longer.

Why is Deeter's talking so much fun right now? Well he's a great talker with a great vocabulary but....he's only 2 1/2. Which means context is usually off...which means we do a lot of laughing at/with him. Love that lately when I say, "deeeeter, I love you," he says, "Yea you do."

Porter's teacher told me that the other day he was drawing a stick figure on their discussion board. Porter got all excited and said, "I know what that is. That's a missionary......" No one knew what he was talking about...except the teacher. So he went ahead and drew on a name tag and let that little stick figure be a missionary.

So, I don't know if it is just me, but I am getting the hugest kick out of Dallin's upcoming winter performance. Take a sneak peek:
A proud day in the life of Adam Sandler. I can't imagine that when he was recording his spoof that he thought it would find it's way into mainstream public school music performances. But here it is- 2011- being sung by the masses {ok, well at least in my little town}, representing the Jewish nation. I would of never guessed that in a million years! So tell me I'm not alone....this is hi-larious, right?!!


  1. that is an adorable video!! he is so cute.

  2. Such a performer - I love it! And, how totally adorable that Port's teacher put a name tag on the stick figure? Kinda touches my heart that he acknowledged Porter's answer with a little wink.

  3. And - the Adam Sandler song is a total crack up. I was waiting for the gin and tonica line, but they must have skipped it for the 1st grade!

  4. i gave tomi cows milk at 10 months {maybe 9} because mommy's milk dried right up and she wouldn't take formula. she was my best milk drinker!

  5. That is SO funny! That will be a program worth seeing. Porter, you are awesome! You have such fun kids Gay.

  6. Ok miss Kaia is a DREAM baby! Seriously .... Liv took milk just like Kaia, but the little Mr. took one swig and chucked it as hard as he could at me ..... he still won't drink it unless there is chocolate in it .... stinker .... LOVE these posts!! Miss you!

  7. (comment from Xander this time) I think my favorite part is when he sings, with such conviction, "...Jewish, just like YOU and ME!!!!"

  8. kady we should have worked with him on the gin and tonica part! xander and carrie, wish you could have come to the performance. that little number, paired with a rap (yes you read correctly) made for quite the show!


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