Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm no Fashionista....

...and I'm sure not a model. But a girl's got to get dressed and might as well enjoy doing it. 
Christmas season = parties = getting out of a t-shirt and jeans.
 Ok, busted. Maybe not the jeans part but I ditched the t-shirt and tried cleaning up the look to more than everyday casual. Wanna know another one of my unique talents? I can casualize anything. An outfit, an event, a situation. You name it, I'll casualize it. Look that word up. You'll find it's not there. Created, incorporated, and a girl named Gay.

On to the parties. Numero uno. A church dinner party.
Perhaps the animal print scarf makes it look somewhat sophisticated? {and hides the jeggings?}

Party numero dos. Work party at the bowling alley. 
 Well let me tell you something....if I was feeling good wearing it Wednesday night, there's no reason to not wear it Thursday night also. With different accessories of course. Whole different outfit if you ask me {and hopefully anyone who saw me both nights would completely agree...}
And can we not forget to comment on the cheerleader-like smile? You all, I never made it to that place in high school and perhaps a little glimpse of living that out comes from time to time through the smile.

Party numero tres. The after party. 
A friend's 40th birthday celebration. I figured it was a little more dressy so I got out of my jeans and into my workout leggings.  Are you sensing a pattern here? Must wear one piece that's already been worn at a previous party.

 And after the party it's the hotel lobby....

Just kidding just kidding. A little R Kelley from back in the days just took over for a small second.

But we're back. 

Hope everyone's enjoying their parties, finding something fun to wear, and feeling H-O-T in whatever it is you choose. And just remember...casual can be hot too!

Post-edit note: I've added a little box in the sidebar to ease my conscience about "not finishing conversations"! Ashley, there's the answer to where I got the stockings.


  1. You do look HOT in every single one of them!! Its fun to get dressed up sometimes :)

  2. What do you mean 'not a fashionista'? I love your style! Keep rockin it Gay!

  3. "Created, incorporated, and a girl named Gay." Is this a bit of foreshadowing for the future site....dropping some hints? Please prepare the followers for a wonderful surprise guest in the first few weeks of the new year!!


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