Sunday, December 4, 2011

And so it begins

We officially rang in the Holidays this weekend. For year #1 of treat deliveries, we took a careful two-part strategy:
1) Preemptive delivery. We got round 1 of the goodies out while palettes were fresh, before people were inundated with Christmas treats and ready to throw-up rather than happily ingest. Hopefully round 2 follows suit.
2) 'Mini' means more. When was the last time you ate a King size Snickers by yourself? When was the last time you ate Snickers in one sitting? Case and point.
Our plate contained some of our favorites to make combined with favorites we've received:
*Homemade Reese's
*Rolo brownies
*Andes mint brownies
*Cake batter cookies with Holiday chip frosting
*Pretzel Hugs
The Christmas lights are hung with a new addition this year. The new addition reminds me of the first person I spooned with in the Hansen family. This is the same person I texted about Dr. Pepper 10 only to learn that she, too, was drinking one in that very moment. {Yes, we actually text about beverages from time to time. Nerdy but oh so true.} But what takes the cake that we were meant to be happened a few years back. Our little fam was visiting in Utah. It was late at night and we were on the phone. She was driving down I-15, I was in the Heber Canyon. We both abruptly stopped our conversation with an outburst...."I JUST SAW A SHOOTING STAR!" We were too stunned to even jinx each other. On two different sides of the mountain, during one small conversation, we shared the same shooting star that sealed the deal.

This one's for you, Miss Chelsi J. Love ya!


  1. That is quite the plate of treats. Your pretzel hugs turned out good...let's see if I will get around to these this year

  2. Ah. Magical. I feel like no one will ever appreciate the impact that shooting star had on both of our lives. Were meant to be, is all I can say. Love this post. OBVI. Love ya mucho.

  3. You are so on the ball, I love it! I'm inspired to get going with all things christmas this week! Everything looks delish!


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