Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Who are you?

I was out for dinner the other night with my friend and was dying laughing when she described herself in her own words........"Often wrong. Never uncertain." Why is this so funny? Like with most humor, it's derived from truth and this is a girl who sees life in black and white and presents everything she says as FACT. Which is why I'm often hammering her for an opinion fact on any and every subject I have a question on.

Now how would I describe my own self? It would probably go a little something like this, ............"Always uncertain. Next to never wrong. Why? Because I take a stance on....well, almost nothing." Oh yeah and probably finish that up with, "Peace. Love. Do your thing." Coming from a girl who undoubtedly sees the world in ...gray. How did this happen? Aren't you supposed to be more sure of more things the older you get? Well somehow the opposite is happening to me. The older I get the more I think that life is summed up- rather than in right and wrong, black and white- that different decisions yield different outcomes and these outcomes fill different niches in life, ya know? So maybe take a look at the path you're decision making is taking you and decide if you want to continue on that ride or change the route.  That's how I look at things.

How do you view it all? Are you a black and white, all or nothing kind of person? Are you nothing but shades of gray? Is there an exception for everything? How would you describe yourself? Just try, it's kinda fun/funny.

Now the other thing I love about this friend was her follow up comment. She was all, "I'll be the first to say 'scratch that idea I had before. I've changed my mind." Meaning, don't hold her to any of her opinions facts because she is an ever-evolving thinker. And you know what? I think that is what holds me back from taking a side on issues- I feel like I'm making a forever decision that has to hold up...well, for forever. 

You know that saying "YOU HAVE TO STAND FOR SOMETHING OR ELSE YOU'LL FALL FOR ANYTHING"? At this point in my life, consider me on the ground crumbled to next to nothing. BUT in thinking about all of this, I'm considering taking more stands. At the risk of being wrong. Or at the risk of allowing myself just a momentary stance. ALWAYS open to changing my opinion next month, next week, or more likely....tomorrow.  We'll see how it goes. But always keep at the forefront......"PEACE. LOVE. DO YOUR THING." That's me.


  1. Ha, too funny. I'm always certain unless I'm not:) I like black and white for sure--but am willing to admit when i'm wrong. For those living in the grey-- here's my favorite quote, "Confidence comes from not always being right, but not fearing to be wrong."
    It's not that 'I'm always right'--it's just that in the moment that's what's RIGHT by me--. That's what makes life interesting, I think, is learning what is another's opinion is "fact" to them because they're expressing what is "right" by them. Knowing that it is an opinion, absolutely, but to them fact...for that moment makes it all good -- So, Peace, Love and Do your thing-- is absolutely a FACT! -- a fact for you:)

  2. i'm like your friend...i like to call it humble...can easily admit when im wrong....unlike my husband

  3. I think your inability to commit to things til last minute would be explained by this same theory oif yours. Interesting. I think I am black white.

  4. I love you motto. Gay, you are my inspiration for becoming a better me.

    I have missed reading your blog as of lately!


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