Monday, November 28, 2011

Road trippin

Hello 75 degree weather. Yes yes, I missed you too. And thanks for waiting for me. I thought our paths might not cross, but I was pleasantly surprised.

We're home from our whirlwind 6 days away and it was an amazing 6 days. Conventional? By no stretch of the imagination. Amazing? In a lot of ways, it really was. We saw almost all our families and watched life come full circle by attending both a baby blessing and a funeral.

Before I get to the meat of this post, I need to start with a quick aside. Because I thought this only happened in movies. You know where the man leaves on a whim and chases his lover 6 hours by car, stops at a random pay phone an hour outside of town to pinpoint her exact location, finds her, wraps his arms around her and manifests his love, as if his actions hadn't already done just that. But this was my life Friday night.  At 11 pm I got a phone call from someone, answered it and didn't recognize the voice on the other end. Must of just been context. Because it was my husband. I had left at 10 am to drive down to New Mexico. After he got our sick kids settled with his mom, he picked up and got on the road- phoneless. 

Did you know pay phone's still exist? And more so, did you know people still use them? It was romantic.

But let's talk about road trips. Beverages beverages beverages. Drink as much as you want on a road trip. I found the mother of all beverage stations. Let's analyze this picture. Mind you I only took a picture of half the sodie selections. But please draw your attention to the left of the beverage dispenser. We have what I would like to term the "lid release". Each release is clearly labeled by size. You open it up and it nearly hands you ONE lid. Not ten that you have to fumble with and try to pull apart. Just one. Because you only need one. Logical. And to the left of the lid release is the straw slots. Once again, clearly sorted and placed with the correlating cup/lid size. Maverick- I love you. And I need more of you in my life. You made my road trip memorable.

What road trip is complete without getting pulled over at least once? I'm flying through this small town and out loud, I say, "I better slow down. This is the town-" {rudely insert sirens}{insert ticket for going 51 in a 40}{insert mercy- I was going 68 in a 40}"Mom, let me finish my story. I better slow down. This is the town where my MTC roommate lived. She always said, "Wellington, UT- you know, the town everyone gets a ticket in on their way to Lake Powell." Well, I wasn't on my way to Powell, but I KNOW Wellington, UT.

This is where things get AWESOME. Yosh and I drove back to UT in separate cars. At our first pit stop, I was all excited. "Yosh, guess what I've been doing in the car?" He didn't skip a beat..."Talking to yourself." {Which FYI, he would only snap that off so fast because HE always talks to himself.}  "No, Yosh. Even better. Voice memo. I was talking to myself AND recording it." I have found a new BFF. Many chit-chats ahead for us. I need to figure out how to rig this thing to go on runs with me...


Got to love a good road trip. And the thinking that goes on. And I'll have you know I voice memo'd many a thoughts that I'm looking forward to getting down on the bloggy. I can't wait til I have the time to write, write, write this week. Stay tuned.... 

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