Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oh just feeling good

1) I would like you to know it is ONLY noon:thirty and I am worked-out AND showered; couple of kids down for a nap and we've consumed breakfast and lunch, both courtesy (Don't you fret Vida, I haven't forgotten about you.)

2) My shirt has a little something to say on my behalf:
and all I have to add to that is...."Baby, baby!" I♥U, LA! And your 75 degree weather.
{Haha so I actually thought my shirt said, "Forever LA". Lovers LA, Forever LA...whatever!}

3) Can I tell you all that you have been making me feel like a million bucks lately? Seriously. Your complimentary comments and emails about this here blog have taken me on a ride straight to Cloud 9. Thank you thank you...and I do say that sincerely!  xoxo gay


  1. Miss Chelsi needs your inspiration. I don't remember the last time I worked out and I don't even have a reason. All the more reason to relocate.

  2. Shut your mouth! I am JEALOUS!! This is why we need to be neighbors once again ... so you can rub off your motivation on me!! LOVE your shirt, you always look so cute!


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