Friday, November 18, 2011

It really should be Easy....

 My life coach- aka my friend who can organize my life much better than me- whipped my time effectiveness into shape and forced Amazon on me as a more consistent part of my life. She said I must start ordering diapers, toilet paper, deodorant, gifts, etc...everything I would go to Target for must now come from Amazon. So in addition to my other Amazon staples, I added her must-to's to the list. Throw on top of that our recent home projects, plus the Holidays, plus 4 growing kids and I swear our front room sometimes looks like UPS. As is the case now.

This can clutter things up a bit as somehow the shipping time takes away from the excitement and urgency of these must-have-now items,and I tend to get to opening boxes and putting stuff away much slower than if I had just gone to the store. That being said, I think it's definitely the more efficient choice. At least in theory. But there's one factor that throws the theory for a loop, the thing that drives me absolutely crazy and makes me NEVER want to do online shopping. You guessed it. The returns. I have major major aversion to confronting the return process. Call me lazy, which I won't deny for one second, but I'll tell you what there is some part of my brain that turns off at the mention of "return" and does not know how to function. It seems more than overwhelming to repackage odd-shaped objects into the box that even the professionals barely had fitting in, get the correct return labels, find out which delivery place to get them to, and then somehow trying to balance the big old boxes and the babies as I finally walk into the store. There's got to be an easier way. And I'm sure there is but somehow I'm still trapped in 'filling the ink to use a typewriter instead of using a computer' when it comes to this. So this is where I'm at. I have a pile of returns and- let's be honest- a pile of 'needed-to-be-returned-but-missed-the-deadline'. And it sometimes keeps me up at night. Please don't remind me these are small problems compared to others. I know this, but these are my problems.

My goal this weekend it to attack each and every last one of these boxes, get my piled-up returns out the door {poor Yosh thinks he doesn't have anything going on this weekend...SURPRISE!}, get our Christmas decor up minus the tree and outside lights, get all Christmas shopping for out-of-towners done, and maybe even cook a meal. And drink a lot of Diet Coke. With lime from my very own lime tree. We'll see which one of these things rolls over to next weeks to-do list as it has done week after week after week....   


  1. Any returns are forced upon Caleb in this house or else its not getting returned! Funny that you are that way though since Roo is the queen of returns! ;-)

  2. Thankfully that gene skipped me. And Yosh jumped right in and said tuesday is our return day- we're making a joint trip to the post office.
    oh and ps- maybe we should have deeter and carter have a scream off next week!

  3. OH Amazon have ruined my life. My husband insists on ordering EVERYTHING off of there which leaves me with less and less Target runs, and I don't like it!
    The UPS man knocks/pounds/rings the door bell every afternoon during nap time. He officially has a problem. Shall I sign you both up for rehab?

    p.s. I love taking things back..more money back in my pocket, so I would be more than willing to help ya out!
    p.p.s. Christmas decor check. minus the's too soon.

  4. we are like the same person right now! it's as if i wrote this post... But, once I do make the returns I feel so relieved... and weightless. As if I just tackled my spring cleaning early. My trunk is filled with bags of things to return. I'm sure they're all passed their deadline. sigh. I don't have an excuse. I have one kid. one. And she's easy. So why do I drag my feet? I'm just hoping this disease doesn't trickle into more important aspects of my life...


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