Monday, October 10, 2011

Mama got Brave

Last week was so fun I'm doing it agaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnn!

Vertical+Horizontal?............. Who knows but I liked it! I held my head higher all day long, feeling all Blind Side-esque. And I would expect to feel no different considering this is the only blazer I own and it was purchased after I watched that movie and decided I was gonna be getting all sophisticated like Ms Sandra Bullock herself. And for someone a bit ghetto like myself, this blazer spills over with sophistication.

That determination was obviously short-lived as- in true Gay style {unable to complete anything including an outfit}- I paired it with the in-congruent flip flops.

PS Go blonde or go home. The next time I say I'm going "more natural", do me the favor of stopping me dead in my tracks. Muchas Gracias!


  1. Oh I LOVE this outfit!! You look amazing Gay! You must keep doing these posts!

  2. Talked to Lara earlier this week & we vowed to never let you go to the dark side again. :) However, you are so beautiful you somehow get away with any look!

    Love your style!


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