Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lost in Translation- sometimes it's better

Oh the Brazilians came. And they are just as exotic as "Brazilian" sounds. Beautiful people who "adoro" everything. (No.....Les adoro a Uds.) I haven't seen my husband this happy in.......wait....ever? Whoa that's a little bit weird. Anyways I'm rarely on the other end of the language barrier issue and I'll tell you what, it was definitely a blast from the past to those first weeks as a missionary in Uruguay. The three of them talked a million miles a minute in Portuguese but when I was around they were ever so polite and we did the best we could without a common language. We fumbled around in a Portuguese/English/Spanish rotation and laughed when there was no sense that was going to be made of whatever was just said that we didn't understand. Comprende? 

But sometimes we did make sense of what we just misunderstood...and that was funny. Like when we were kicked back after eating way too much meat at the Churascaria. I asked Rafa if they do exercise at home cuz it only seemed appropriate to talk about how in the world we were gonna get off the extra 10 lbs we just put on. Rafa flashed me that beautiful Brazilian smile, politely said, "Yes," and in less than a millisecond was already staring her husband dead in the eye, begging for support. I quickly turned to mine as well. "She thinks I said something embarrassing," I whispered wide-eyed.  Support she got as Fogo offered an answer without skipping a beat, "Yes we make sex at home......and we make sex in your house!" Seal that in with a laugh and a wink and ain't nothing more to be said.  Oh yes, the Brazilians came!  


  1. oh that is soo funny!! still laughing!!

  2. Josh,
    Cara, queria dizer que foi muito bom te ver novamente. Vc é realmente um grande amigo e um irmãozão!! Foi mito bom conhecer sua família e saber que você está muito bem. O momento mais importante pra mim foi quando jantamos na sua casa com as crianças, mais do que qualquer outro lugar que visitamos, pois estávamos com a Gay e com a família completa. Juntar minha família e a sua depois destes anos todos foi muito importante pra mim.

    We'd like to thank you for everything you did for us during our visit to California. Thanks for giving your home and for your patience with us. We know that is not easy to have a family in your house for almost a week haha.

    Rafa and I love to meet you. You are a very nice person. We dont have words to say how perfect was to be with you and your family.

    We hope to see you guys again and soon.

    You guys are allways wellcome in our humble home.
    Um beijão dos amigos Fogo e Rafa.


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