Saturday, September 17, 2011

I was looking through my pictures last night and started laughing when I saw these two. Because I remembered why I took them. See that Deeter Lucas looking thug in his little outfit? Well we bought those socks when Porter was a toddler- a toddler in a "stage", if you will. And this stage was a short-wearing-only stage. So the purchase of these awesome socks (not pictured is the big pirate on the front of each one...) came with a condition....he could only wear them with pants. Because our child wasn't going to be looking all crazy walking around with shorts and pirate socks pulled up to his knees, surely paired with some DCs. As you can imagine, that rule was quickly broken by Porter. And Yosh and I quietly admitted that they looked absolutely adorable worn his way. And so it has continued down to little brother, this awesome style. Kids feeling confident is their own look is so much more important than me feeling confident in how I perceive other's look at them. I hope I remember that learned lesson because I'm sure it's going to be put to the test time and time again in these next 15 years....

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  1. I love his look & completely admire his confidence!

    ps. Your cute boys are getting huge!


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