Friday, August 26, 2011

some kind of LOVE

i kind of felt like i was on a first date again. even though the number of "first dates" i've had probably wouldn't even fill one hand. but this date was important. i yearned to hold his hand but didn't know if it was appropriate or not. so i waited. and when he made the first move i couldn't have been more relieved.

because these days are numbered. and there was proof of that thought on every side of me as kids only a year older than my Dallin B kept good distance between them and their mama. the concert exalted to awesome as my little boy watched it from my lap. Taylor Swift stated what she thought to be the two most intense feelings- finding love and losing love. i couldn't agree more. and although i found myself in neither predicament, i felt more depth in my love at the very moment because i was appreciative. through him i had found love.

and as a test- as if that wasn't love enough- an impostor came along.......

forgive the crappy picture but i'll take what i can get. this little surprise made his way onto the stage and some force unknown to me threw me out of my chair and had me screaming like a 13-year old girl. screaming is kinda the word, but more correct would be something like "shrilling." and i wasn't alone. imagine the Staples Center filled to the max when justin bieber made his appearance....high decibels. Dallin, of course, hates JB....but his eyes were peeled and his giddy smile was present. but "i hate him and didn't even look at him". 

i live for these kind of moments. and to share them with the ones i love the most....well i guess that's why i live for them.


  1. SO JEALOUS!! Seriously you have got the cutest date ever! I remember you telling me about this, I am so glad you guys had fun!! We miss you!

  2. How did I miss this post? I am normally so on top of these things. :)

    You are the cutest mom ever. I aspire to be just like you. And JB? Are you kidding me, I would have died and gone to heaven. I am slightly/ completely obsessed with him. Creepy, I know!


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