Monday, August 1, 2011

Love Birds love birds

So often times I ask Yosh if I drive him crazy. Because let's be honest, I drive myself crazy. And then I wonder what it would be like to live with me....if I wasn't me. You get what I'm saying right?

Top on list of annoyances (please note- these are simply annoyances, not the real "drive-me-crazy" things...):

1) I leave my chewed gum in random places, like everywhere BUT the trash cans. (Yes, I even found ABC gum in the shower the other day....gross.....)
2) I leave bobby pins everywhere.
3) I chew my tongue. Which Yosh says makes me look like a cow chewing cud. Who wants to be married to  anything resembling a cow?

Now let's not act like the list ends here, I'm simply indulging you with a few. Can't give away all my secrets or else it would be impossible to maintain my totally-distorted-blog-image! {Insert literal LOL! cuz I literally LOLed.}

Just been thinking about marriages, how hard they are and how lucky I feel to be married to the person I'm married to. I swear, the longer I'm married the more I think, "Wow, I could only be married to Yosh. Don't think I'd make it with [anyone else]." Very grateful for young, guppy love and acting on it and jumping in head first to marriage without giving it too much (in retrospect....) thought!


  1. ahhh, so cute! Wish I had a husband around to act all in love with ;-)

  2. I say the same things to and about Kirt. I know I make him crazy and I got crazy lucky marrying him. Not sure he feels the same! :)

  3. Oh goodness, I just love every single word on this page. Seriously! You made me LOL, literally. I ask myself the same thing weekly.

    We are lucky ladies!

  4. Love this post Gay!! You seriously are hilarious! And yes I am the EXACT same way .... pretty sure I drive the Hubs crazy .... good thing he loves me :)

  5. amen! i often think of how lucky i got marrying spencer. i really had no idea of how lucky i really was way back then.


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