Monday, July 18, 2011

Because who doesn't want to be the Cool Mom

There are some highly-sought after titles out there to be obtained. Some are completely out of my grasp, others out of my interest, but there remain a select few that are both desireable and obtainable. And guess what? Sometimes I want to be the cool mom. The good news? I know how. The answer comes in one word. Really that simple. So simple that I think it's the first word Dallin ever spelled.

There is nothing more satisfying than the boys hanging out with their friends and hearing one (it's always the same friend!) of them say, "Dallin, should we ask your mom for some Oreos?"  I always get a coy little smile before the question shyly escapes. And there is never hesitation...the answer is always yes. Even if we just got done with 10 other treats. Because no friend will ever be denied Oreos at my house. And for those of you that have ever caught me at the grocery store with a basket full of Oreos, you know that I'm not messing around. That's one of very few items I'll pay full price for if I'm desperate enough. And when I get lucky and find them on out. The other day, I kid you not, they were 99 cents. Look, I couldn't even find a cents sign on the computer because sales like that are unheard of anymore. But that was the going price. The catch: limit 2. I'm not even going to divulge how many times I visited Ralph's during that little sale period. And I may or may not have had Dallin in line behind me with his $2.09 in hand to get us an extra 2 packs. But I refuse to be caught off guard. All it takes is hearing the kids reaction one time when you say "yes" and you'll be sold. Not only will you be'll feel pretty cool. Unfortunately that's about the only tip I have thus far on being a cool mom.


  1. regular or double stuffed? I went down the isle just this past week, b/c I wanted to make 2 things: OReo truffles (my FAV), and some mint choc chip & oreo milkshakes. To my surprise, when I when down the isle....there are so many varieties out there now. Vanilla cookie kind, strawberry kind, low fat kind, regular kind, double stuffed kind, choc coated kind, etc, my friend....which do YOU buy? (lemme just recommend the double stuffed.....can't get betta than that!!!)

  2. Count me in Gay! My boys are gonna be all over that. Maybe I should bring over a bag or two when we come to play.


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