Thursday, June 30, 2011

I thought it was a moment.....

Tonight we were having a moment. It was just the boys, the baby, and I. We've been with family all week and were in a rare moment where it was just the five of us. We were all in a good mood, enjoying the outdoors. I was watching those little boys at the park, amazed at how they've developed from being a little baby like the one I held in my arms to these independant individuals. And I was feeling especially awestruck to be part of their journey. To be the one who gets to see a side of them that no one else is priviliged to know. To be able to love these specific kids the way only a mother can. We were having a moment. And I wanted to help them recognize this moment. "Boys, I'm feeling something super special right now." "What, Mom?" "I'm feeling so lucky to be your Mom, that you guys are the greatest-" "Mom, can you just come help me?" Let me rephrase that- I was having a moment. There was no "we" in this special moment. "But boys I'm bearing my soul...."

Because that's what I'll be having to tell Yosh after a heart-felt confession of one sort or the other. A heart-felt confession that is answered in one of two ways: a) silence or b) [insert some comment about the Cougars]  "But Yosh, I just bore you my soul...." "Oh babe, I'm sorry, what?" Rule #1 in soul-bearing.... it's a one shot deal. No repeat available.

(you know I got nothing but love for you babe!)

Which is why I'm lucky to have this little lady in my life. 
Although it's just a feeling, I think I'll be enjoying many a heart-to-hearts with her. Not just heart-to-sweetboysclosedearswhoreallycarebutjustcan'tfocus. Love my boys- all of them, love my girl.


  1. Oh Gay I LOVE IT!! Seriously can I just say I laughed out loud .... so cute tho! You are such a good Mama and we had so much fun with you tonight!! Liv keeps telling me over and over that she wants to play with baby Kaia tomorrow!

  2. I love little boys, I really do. But I am so glad you finally have your sweet little girl. She is such a doll!

    So fun seeing you again. You will always be one of my favorites Gay.


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