Monday, May 9, 2011

The Help

Yes, I added this to the list of books I've read. And ironically enough, I read it while at an all-inclusive resort on the Mexican vacation. So as I read disgusting accounts of "The Help" waiting on lazy white people, I myself was being served pina colodas and coca cola light by the pool boy. A paradoxical setting to be taking in Ms Stockett's novel. But I loved it. And let's be honest, what's not to love. Without spoiling the book for those of you who haven't read it- and here's my plug....GO READ IT you'll love it- I'll just say that it is a thought-provoking book. I was very pleased with the moral that I walked away with. And that was this: find your niche in life and develop it. Be thankful for what natural ambitions/talents/skills/opportunities you've been given and use those to bless the lives of those around you. Often times when I read books, I find myself envying the character who finds them self in a situation with chances that are slim to none of overcoming their given circumstances, but somehow they find a way. Let's be real though, I'm glad I'm not living pay check to pay check with terrible family tragedies to overcome. For now, that's not applicable to me. Or I find myself envying the character that spearheads a movement or something extraordinary like that. And who doesn't dream of executing history-making changes. Unfortunately, the truth is for 99.9% of us, that's not going to be our calling in life. But as I read this book, somehow I was able to look at it from a realistic viewpoint and scale it down to my life and what small influence I could put in to go towards a greater good. It instilled desire for me to view myself in a more organic state and see who I am and what I realistically have to offer. I loved that because I feel like I'm making small changes in my day-to-day life instead of living with a big dream in my head (as I do after reading these type of books) and making absolutely no advances in the direction of change! Miss Skeeter will be my example as that is who I most related with...but I'll take it down a few notches!

If you're anything like me, this book left you wanting more. My friend, Anneli, introduced me to the series "Refiner's Fire" last year and it did not disappoint. It takes place in the Civil War times and confronts the controversial issues of that time period. I pulled from it a new way to love and get through issues that are present in my life. I loved them! Get ready to hide from kids/husbands/friends and stay up way too late reading! Consider yourselves warned!


  1. loved the help, one of my favorites ever and look strangely at anyone who doesn't like it. now go eat a pie!

    will have to try the other too, thanks.

  2. Ok, that picture at the top of your blog with your kids with hues of purple is beyond darling!! Anywho, I loved 'The Help,' thought it was fantastic, and I will add 'Refiner's Fire' to my list. If you haven't read it yet you should read 'These is my words.' I think it's my all time favorite book and I think you'd like it too.

  3. I have been looking for a new book...thank ya...I think Im going to have to read it!

  4. I am not a natural born reader, but trying to do better. I think your "The Help" book sounds like a perfect read for me. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I just almost bought that book at Costco- the way you described it sounds to me like I need to read it PRONTO!

  6. i just finished the help last night! i'm taking your comments to book club. you summed it up perfectly :)


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