Friday, March 4, 2011

Time to shop. That's what I was feeling like yesterday. I'm not pregnant and I don't look pregnant anymore. So the itch set in to have something new and feel somewhat fresh after 9 months of being pregnant and a few after-birth weeks of just looking pregnant. I set off in search for a couple new shirts- loose-fitting shirts. After selecting some to try on, I made my way to the fitting room. Looking in the mirror, I was instantly brought back to a conversation I had with a mom who gave birth a week after me. She said she went shopping because she didn't automatically shrink back to size as she did with her other two. (And by the way, count your lucky stars...who shrinks back to their previous size after a couple weeks anyway?) During this shopping trip, she was shocked...."When did Gap start using fat mirrors?" she asked! I was dying, I thought that was hilarious but thought of it as nothing more than something comical until my own shopping trip. "Seriously?" I thought as I looked at every outfit I tried on. No doubt the fat mirrors have taken over every store! Losing 20 pounds is a daunting task, but apparently masking 20 pounds is going to be equally daunting. Needless to say, I bought a couple necklaces. For myself that is, but that wasn't quite girl made out like a bandit. I guess this shopping trip made up for holding out for months while I was pregnant! I saw cute little outfits that I chose to no longer resist. Here is Kaia girl at 6 weeks and just precious as ever.

This pic cracks me up. It appears that the eye-rolling has already begun!


  1. cant wait to hold her!!! pretty much she is going to get mauled by all of us Greenwoods :)

  2. gay I am sure you look great! You always seem to pop right back into shape. I am sure you just see yourself differently. Either way you have a adorable little girl!

  3. oh how I hate those after-birth weeks! You look great though, I'm sure it's just the mirrors!

  4. OH girl I hear ya....I went to F21 after the babe and I cried on the way out. Nothing I tried on fit...even large and extra larges. I told Sam I was boycotting it forever because they made all their clothes smaller so they could only fit 14 year old girls.
    It was rough.
    But you my friend are always fit and tiny so I can't picture one thing not fitting you! You look great!
    And hey baby girl made out with some goodies and thats all that matters right. She is so darling by the way.

  5. Your baby girl is beautiful. I am sure your bod is looking great as well!
    Zach told me Yosh may be coming for a visit (go BYU)!

  6. First off the babe is ADORABLE!! Seriously I am ready to jump on a plane just so I can come cuddle her! Secondly .... let's be honest here Gay, you look AMAZING after giving birth, yes the family picture in the previous post you look just like you did before you were pregnant .... I know for you, you still look bigger ... but you are not! But I do have to admit I was laughing out loud when I read the fat mirror comment ... after I had Jack I seriously was thinking the exact same thing!! Hahaha! Can't wait until June!

  7. i am not sure what it is but she's got a "tess" look to her in that last pic!

    but i am glad to know that i am not the only one who has noticed the fat mirrors. my goodness, of course i am sure you look incredible. :) you're gorgeous.


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