Sunday, February 6, 2011

Don't Forget Paris

So sometime mid-December 2009 Yosh started talking all excitedly about Christmas- he couldn't wait for me to open my gift. He thought he had "nailed it" this year and was waiting to see if I would accept it. Now for most girls, this might get your heart racing as you imagine that your husband has finally turned into a romantic and is going to present you with those diamond earrings, or whatever it is your heart has longed for, after all these years. For me, I'm getting nervous. Alarm bells are going off. A distrusting smile spreads across my face, accompanied by an all-knowing giggle. The giggle that defined Christmas the previous year. Because the previous year, Yosh had "nailed" Christmas also. As I opened my all-edge brownie pan, my food dehydrator, and tickets to a murder mystery dinner, all I could do was giggle. Later that day, Yosh admitted he wasn't quite sure how Christmas had gone because there was a lot of giggling. (Just as there was a few years ago when I got the infamous "Nap in a Sac" for Mother's Day!)
   So despite Yosh's excitement, I was a little skeptical and wasn't holding my breath for any big surprise. Christmas morning it was finally my turn to open my one present, the box which I had already seen and it barely had me jumping out of my seat. Yes, I asked for tennis shoes for Christmas, I saw a tennis box show up, I was getting my new shoes. Shocker. But upon opening the box, no shoes were present. Even less exciting- tennis balls. "Alright, Yosh, well thanks for the tennis balls." He has the camera rolling which is making me even more nervous as he asks me what the tennis balls say. "Roland Garros." His smile is widening, my anxiety is heightening as I have no idea what's he talking about. "Where is Roland Garros?" he asks. I can't think on the spot and finally I demand him to turn off the camera as I feel like I'm being interviewed and I can't handle it. I don't do well under pressure! Yosh guides me through the steps until he almost tells me that we're going to the French Opens in May. That's right- a trip to Paris! Finally- on the same page, same definition of "nailing it."
     We enjoyed an amazing week together in Paris. I had approached the week rather unsure on a few points- would I miss the kids too much to appreciate the week? Would Yosh and I run out of things to talk about by day 3 with there still being 10 more meals to share together? But I'll tell you what, we still got it! By the end of the trip (which I did make it through without being too homesick for the little ones) we were still laughing, joking, chit-chatting, and in love. We had passed the test in my eyes!
      We came home and were welcomed by three demanding and needy children, a week of reality and not the tainted reality we had created on our week away, a camera that wouldn't cooperate with me and therefore I couldn't upload any pictures. By Wednesday night, we were laying in bed asking each other, "Did Paris really even happen?" It was already a distant memory. But here- 8 months later- I finally uploaded the pictures and they brought me back. To the magic of experiencing something new with the one person that means the most to me, to remembering love, to remembering surprise. And after 8 months there's the subtle reminder...Don't forget Paris.   


  1. I would say Josh nailed it! What a fun trip! Sounds like a dream

  2. yes, point for yosh. i will say, the year before i wouldn't have been so nice as to just giggle. and i still hold to the nap n a sack being a good present. i will take it off your hands any time.


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