Monday, January 3, 2011

Do you know what I have felt like doing the last couple of days? ......whining. Really. I have just wanted to whine about my terrible predicament. Thursday night Yosh and I went car shopping. I had found a car I thought suitable for our situation- a Buick Enclave. Granted, I'm not 60 years old and don't know if I should be driving a Buick before that age, but still, it seemed to fit. I want a car that has two captain seats making it easy access for the third row, and then I also want to be able to just throw my stroller in the back easily without having to rig it to get it to stay in, or not have to worry about opening the trunk and it falling out on top of me. So the Enclave filled the criteria. After that stop, I told Yosh that of course we could go next door and look at the minivan. I mean going into that situation, I already knew two things: 1)The minivan is far more economical/convenient/practical than any other car. And 2) I don't want one. So absolutely nothing to lose by looking.
Exterior Photo of 2011 Honda Odyssey
    Except for the fact that on more than one occasion I've told Yosh that if he wants me to drive a minivan, he needs to have the car just show up in the driveway. Because I can't bring myself to ever say I "want" one or be the one to actually make the purchase. I played with fire walking onto that car lot with him. And it is now very obvious that I was burned. He saw it, sat it in, I think we drove it (I seriously can't even remember) and he was sold. An added element being that there is a "wait list" so the game has begun. Can he get the unattainable? Last thing we need is an adrenaline rush to add to this scenario. But that's what we have. He's just a chasin the win.
       To help ease my mind, I've been trying to think of validation. I've been rattling off the cool people I know...that also drive minivans. Laura is very stylish, modern, hip, fun...and will soon drive a minivan. Lindsy rocks her minivan with her three boys in tow. And she's a young 31. Christy gave up driving a Range Rover to roll in the minivan. I can do this. And if I dig deep enough, I have experiences of myself that support coolness. I mean I was 16, rolling with the whole party in the minivan. Surely that was cool, right?
    The other part of the scheme that has been talking place in my mind.... Yosh has taken it on himself to pick my car and he sure as heck didn't pick the car of my choice (show up with the Navigator, the Qx56, or shoot even the Enclave and I'd be okay), so I feel every right to pick out his car. Not that he's even getting one. That he knows of, at least. But I might fulfill my third-life crisis by picking out a sporty little convertible to show up in our driveway. And then I will tell him he has to ride his bike to work. I will make him ride his bike to work. And while he works, I will cruise the PCH. With the top down. While the minivan sits in the driveway. Revenge is sweet.


  1. Gay, you are seriously KILLIN me right now!!! Let's not forget that I drove the "old" family minivan at BYU-I!!! Did you ever know that? I dunno!!! Anyway, it was great fun b/c everyone could pile in, and we never had to worry about "how much to pack" or "how much to mail home" at the end of the semester. Girl...I still use the same laundry basket, just b/c I could tow it home at the end of my stay in Idaho!!! And it all fit...just perfectly in the minivan. So girl...enjoy the roominess, enjoy the fact that you're a hip mama, and rock the sportiest minivan there is...the HONDA!!! My brother had a crisis when he first gave up his "cool factor" by purchasing the minivan. I mean, he even purchased all the extras hoping it would satisfy his "coolness" (sunroof, leather seats, etc, etc, etc)....yet he still cried himself to sleep most nights (okay, so I made that up....maybe!). If he can do can! You're a hoot, and this was a comical post...but let's be honest, you'll have a BLAST in that mama ride!!!

  2. you crack me up..i love your post. And i'm not going to lie..i would probably shed a little tear too. Thats a big step moving on to a mini-van. You are officially a mom now...You my friend are a very cool mom though. You will rock that mini-van very well.

  3. Open the sunroof, roll down the windows and imagine you're in the convertible. It's all gonna be alright.

  4. i drive a minivan now too. can i be inluded on the minvan driving cool people list? and i think hondas might always be cooler than buicks, no matter what.

  5. GO for a big SUV!!! I like the expedition and it's great for driving in the snow - if you weren't still in SoCal!

  6. Don't forget your super-uber-hip and metro-cool friends in Seattle who ALSO rock the mini-van! Yes, I never wanted one either Gay, but, they are so great and practical! Just wait until you can slide open those doors with the touch of a little button. Pure genius!

    Also, I made Xander promise to buy us a little sporty sports car to balance out the equation.


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