Monday, August 9, 2010

Today the boys and I headed up north on a little "road trip"- at least as our weak family knows them to be- to Santa Barbara. That's right... a full hour and a half in the car. And don't worry, that was long enough to get McDonald's, go through a drive thru for a milkshake, and ask 98 times how much longer til we're there. The only thing missing was the junk food load up at the gas station. So maybe it only almost classifies as a road trip. Anyways, it made for a fun day. Gotta love the Santa Barbara zoo. Complete with the ant hill made for sliding down. Now the last time the boys went, which was about 16 months ago, they stuck to the conventional go-down-on-your-booty method. From experience I can attest that this alone is a thrilling ride. But it a mere 16 months, it was no longer acceptable. They needed to bring it to the next level, which meant progressing from the booty to the stomach (head first) as captured above, and then- to the feet. You shoulda seen these kids just loving it, flying down the hill, testing their balance, and laughing in spite of failure. Good times.

On the way home, we called to check in with Daddy. He had made it home and with his extra time conceded to run to the grocery store for me. I had a list:
-blueberries, strawberries, raspberries
-Deeter's milk

Well we get home and Yosh entices the boys with a milkshake as I put Mista Deetz down. After my task is finished I come down to sneak a bite or two of some ice cream- I don't know maybe Moose Tracks or Rocky Road or something lame like that- that they were using for shakes. Well I open the freezer and you can imagine my utter shock as I see this staring back at me.....

Whoa. I had my pick of deliciousness, but there's no way I was escaping that Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. The whole Rocky Road idea was immediately out the window. So was that idea about just one or two bites. I leaned against the counter with my spoon and dug in and enjoyed until every last Oatmeal Cookie Dough bite was gone. That's right- I'm "one of those." I only eat the cookie dough bites and leave the leftover crap for the runner up. It's a shame, I know but I'm probably not going to change. And this is why we love when Yosh does the grocery shopping. A perfect ending to a good day.


  1. did you know we have a zoo in LA? and its like 3 times the size. the reason you love yosh going to the store is the reason i hate matt going to the store.

  2. Oh I want to go back to Santa Barbara!! SO FUN!! Miss you guys!! PS love Josh's groceries .... making my tummy growl!

  3. Jess, maybe next time we'll actually invite the kids....but probly not!!!

  4. lol! I love you Gay! Remember when we were living together and between the two of us we cleanly polished off 4 packages of Oreo cookies in a week? Now that is the ultimate fat kid experience. :)


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