Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Running in Lingerie

A few years into marriage, some things start to change. They are different things for different couples. This year, specifically Valentine's Day, there was a tangible, notable change in the direction our marriage has moved. My boys came running into the house hap-hazardly throwing clothes at my face yelling, "Happy Valentine's Day." After I got over the shock of the dramatic presentation of gifts, I laid my eyes on the shorts that you see me pictured in above. That's right, they are teeny. And possibly intended to be a joke, but I showed those boys a joke and I went on ahead and wore them! And from time to time, Yosh will ask me about my Valentine lingerie. The first time he asked me, I looked at him puzzled and said, "You mean the plaid shorts?" A smile crossed his face as he exclaimed, "Oh yeah," nodding his head with a smile all the while. Wow- so this is what it is like to no longer be newlyweds! I wear lingerie in front of complete strangers WAY more often than I do in front of my husband! So on Saturday, I got to wear some lingerie in my run. See, there is a first time for everything!

I think I'm going to retire my running shoes for a bit, but I feel like I've learned some life lessons this last year of running. And to name a few of them.....
1) Never make definitive decisions while on the up-hill. Perspective changes when you reach the plateau and sanity has returned.
2) Listen to your body. It will show you your pace.
3) Don't be afraid to slow down OR to speed up. Your speed changes many times in one run.
4) Finish the run. That night you're not going to remember the frustrations that made you want to quit. All you'll be able to taste is victory.
5) Joy in the journey.

We'll have to see if retiring my running shoes also means retiring my lingerie....

(I felt the need to add to this post that there is a distinct difference b/w me and the other two girls. Their bib numbers are in green and this denotes.....MARATHON! Amazing job, Anneli and Natalie!)


  1. this post was awesome! i loved it! the reality of six years and three kids...

  2. A proud sis moment. Great job and I love the shorts, I guess. I can't really see them ;o)Kidding. They are cute!!

  3. Hahahaha!! LOVE this post, hilarious! Seriously Gay congrats once again on running, you are amazing! I can't even imagine!! And I am loving the lingerie :)

  4. Are those shorts from lululemon? I saw a pair on their website that were plaid and looked similar and I want it so bad! Too cute!

  5. Love your lingerie shorts, BTW. But, that is a really funny story. Awesome job with the Marathon, you rock! Your runny metaphor was priceless, thanks for sharing. Miss you!

  6. Loved your post! You are such an inspiration! I hope we can run together more often. And btw, the shorts are adorable, & I know they're from lululemon cuz mine are too :)

  7. I always love reading your post.... thanks for always sharing.... and keep it up.

  8. I'm sad that I have been so out of the blogging world that I missed this post! I love the shorts, that was a great day!

  9. I'm sad that I have been so out of the blogging world that I missed this post! I love the shorts, that was a great day!

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