Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Someone has to provide for this life of luxury." That's one of Yosh's favorite sayings. It doesn't matter if I'm out of town visiting family. Or at the beach ALONE chasing three rugrats and trying desperately to keep them alive and well. Or at Disneyland ALONE with three kids, possibly holding two and trying to calm the third. Whenever we say, "We wish you were here with us," his standard reply comes out again, "Well someone has to provide for this life of luxury." A always quickly challenge his definition of luxury. (I'd love to send him to Disneyland solo with the chitlins and then BEG him to call it luxurious.) But he stands his ground and I surrender. Never really considered myself to be on his side of the fence. Until the other morning.
Dallin B comes into my room barely awake, rubbing his eyes. "Mom," he whines, "I need breakfast in bed." "What?" I'm shocked. Where in the world has he come up with this? "I need breakfast in bed," he says. I laugh out loud. "Dallin B, how do you know about breakfast in bed?" I mean, Yosh has brought me breakfast in bed a time or two. Possibly Mother's Day or something. Possibly. (Oh no, is this also the life of luxury he's talking about?!!) I feel like I have no choice. Except to bring the boy breakfast in bed. I go downstairs, slaving away to prepare some instant oatmeal with berries- as requested.
I deliver breakfast to a little boy relaxing on my bed. I transfer the platter to his outstretched hands. He simultaneously asks, "Mom, why aren't you still in bed?" And I have no response that seems plausible...except, "Someone has to provide for this life of luxury."


  1. You are one nice mamma. There's no way I'd be hopping out of bed to do least not that early in the morning. (I couldn't see the pic along with this post.)

  2. Love the story...great example of "full circle". I also need to to repost the pic for my viewing pleasure:)

  3. I love it!! You are supper nice to actually do it. I wouldn't I would say no way get up and lets go eat at the table. Yeah sometimes JJ asks me if I would rather study all day long and I say no way but my job is no piece of cake either. Lova ya Gay--wish we were closer we could hang out while our hubbies provide the "luxury"

  4. that's awesome. i love that he "needed" breakfast in bed. that's got to be something almost no one really "needs." what a funny boy!

  5. i am impressed with your commitment to blogging lately. and i gotta agree a little with yosh. beach and disneyland isn't exactly the hard life - alone or not.

  6. Hahahaha!! Oh man isn't that the truth? Seriously is that where Matt got that saying from?! I may have to hurt Josh .... Miss you!!!


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