Thursday, December 3, 2009

Imagine that these pics are in the dark. Cuz they are. Now, let me be honest and tell you this is what I most look forward to on Tuesday nights- me coming home, after I've taken care of my Tues night duties, and finding these little men passed out. I do no night-time duties and just get to relish in the results...aahhhh i love it! I always have to laugh when I find myself at Church on the Tues night activities, and say they finish early or I'm not necessarily needed there. The thought crosses my mind to just go home. But only for a second. In fact maybe a mili-second. That's like coming home from vacation early. I mean who really does that unless we're faced with a life or death situation. If I do give into the desire to leave, it is simply to go drive around aimlessly, with a milkshake in hand for half an hour until I'm assured those kids are fast asleep. And if I pull up to the house and see the lights are still on in the boys' room, I'm taking another couple of laps around the neighborhood.

Sometimes, though, my plan is still foiled. Case and point this past Tues night. All the signs showed I would enter to my peaceful bliss. It was 9:00, lights were out, and not sound was heard. At first that is. But sure enough, I have three boys, not only the two pictured above. Here was the third little man....

just a playing. Leon in hand, along with his "guys." Initial thought: turn around and run. I desperately consider going to get myself that Jack in the Box milkshake even though I've sworn off sweets til Saturday. Take another couple of laps. Act like you just forgot something at home. Better yet, say you forgot something at Church. But...instead I just go in and face the music. And it is only seconds before I'm hearing, "Mommy....kissies, kissies. Luvs." Minutes later, "My eyes hurt. TURN on a light....I can't see my guys." Then, just giggling. At least it's not screaming.
Next Tues, I'll make sure I go for the milkshake!

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  1. What an adorable family! BYU all the way baby! I am so glad to add your little family to my favorites to watch! What fun! I, too, have amazing memories of your cute little face smiling in the doorway! Have a wonderful Christmas! ~Laura


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