Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yosh did a phenomenal job of updating the blog promptly and also putting the most telling pics of the baby up! Here are just a few more details and a few more pictures....

The delivery went very well. I ended up choosing to get induced and got to the hospital at 6 am-ish. Little man debuted at 2:52 pm. Time somehow passes very quickly at the hospital. Almost like it tends to pass rather quickly at the airport. Anyway, we didn't feel like we were waiting all day for him to come. Sometime in the morning we got to talking about the baby's name. I had been waivering for about a week on how much I loved the name, although I assumed that we would still name him Ash and I was ok with that. Well Yosh confessed that he wasn't in love with "the flow" of Ash Lucas and all of a sudden we found ourselves reconsidering the name- something we've never done when naming the other two boys. When the anestheseoligist came in, he asked if we knew the baby's name. When we replied, "Ash" he commented on how that was a great Hollywood name, which was something we- especially Yosh- was trying to avoid. That sent us back to the drawing board and Deeter was the other name we had been considering throughout the pregnancy. So somehow Ash Lucas got the boot and Deeter Lucas found his way into the fam. Overall it was a great day, so fun to introduce the boys to their new brother, and special for Yosh and I to get to know this little guy we've been dreaming about for 9 months.
Our first feeding at home. Apparently it's going to be family affair getting this child fattened up!

This was the view from the recovery room. So serene and beautiful. I also just wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes and keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. I'll tell you what, I feel like every pregnancy instead of becoming more relaxed, I tend to be more aware of all the possible outcomes which causes a bit of anxiety. We are so grateful that Deeter has arrived and has arrived healthy. Today our family is more complete because of him!!!


  1. congrats! love deeter.

    three boys for my three girls! perfect. glad you are doing well. little does that doctor know how he persuaded you :)

  2. well, you'd think that i was going to comment on deeter (which still causes a chuckle)and the adorable baby that he is, but no, hu-uh, its on that hunk of a husband you got goin on there. though trying to focus on the bebe, i couldnt help but notice yosh, his real nice black tee and those tan, toned arms!!! from top to bottom all your boys are looking reaaal good!!

  3. So glad he is here safe! Also grateful that you are both doing well. We love you!

  4. You have such a cute family. I really like the name that you picked. It was fun to read up on you and your family in your blog. I have a blog if you want to look on it.

  5. Smiles! As for the names, we did change one of our kids before he was born after we had already chosen his name... for our new little one, we haven't decided quite yet. So no biggie...

  6. AHHH he's beautiful! Such a cute little guy! All your boys are darling. Congrats glad everything went smoothly.
    Love ya!

  7. Oh, yay...#3!!! Life is moving on, as it should!!! It'll be time to purchase a 15-passenger before long!!! The babe is so sweet and you look HOT with a little meat on ya, and that's just being honest!!! MUCH LOVE to the new, hot Mama!!!

  8. JOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fiquei muito feliz com a notícia cara.. Parabéns mesmo!
    Quando é que vocês vão vir visitar o Brasil?
    Eu e a Rafaela estamos pensando em visitar os USA o próximo ano. Quem sabe né?
    Ah.. O filho do Wagner, meu irmão mais velho que você conheceu também se chama Lucas.
    Marcos Paiva FOGO

  9. I LOVE the name!! And might I say he is adorable, just like his brothers!! I am in love with the picture of you feeding him with the boys!! haha!

  10. Wahoo! What a good lookin' family!-Helen

  11. Thanks for the explanation Gay!Love Deeter! Also love the picture with you and the boys and Porter's curls coming out of his hat. So, so cute!

  12. congrats! he is so adorable, and it looks like you are adjusting just fine to three!

  13. Wow your boys are cute, and now your other one is here! That went by fast (for me!). Congrats, and I love the name.

    Yeah, so we're here for the summer! M's doing an internship (MBA/MPA) for Disney, so we're in Studio City, bummin' it in the old ward with my sis.

    Baby #3 is due on Thanksgiving (well, two days before), so that puts me at 16 weeks. Dying to know if it's a boy or girl and already having brain freeze on the names. Good thing we have some time.

    We want to come see you! Do you still have the 818 cell?

  14. Little D is so cute. I'm officially starting the nicknames right off the bat. I love his name. Wish we could've been there. I'll never forget your experience with Porter-P. All these babies are kind of making me baby hungry. Uh-oh! Miss you guys. Hugs and kisses!

  15. Congratulations!!! He looks perfect, what a CUTE family! We're excited to see you guys in St. George, hopefully it all works out!


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