Sunday, June 28, 2009

So Deeter isn't the only cute boy we have roamin around this house! Our Pistol is quite the character. And if you're lucky- only if you're lucky- you get to see his fiery personality. He's both extremes. He's the one that can drive me the most crazy but also has the equal abililty to provide the most tender moments and the funniest moments

Classic pics, I know. But even though they are cliche, they are all very honest pictures. I mean, what parent doesn't find themselves just staring at their new baby and holding him like he's the most precious thing in their lives? It happens to the best of us, and I just want to eat these moments up. They pass all too quickly. I've felt real lucky this time round to take more time to sit, stare, hold and cuddle and a lot less time stressin. Is my house messier? Yes. Have I cooked a meal since the baby was born? Like one, maybe two. And I'm not starting next week either, Yosh, so don't get your hopes up!

This picture is not posed. All three boys needed to be cuddling. So far, we have a good dynamic going on with these little guys. (Now if only I could get my hormone levels stabilized and not be as crazy as I can sometimes get, then the whole family dynamic would be great!)

This is our Deeter bug today. Now many a people-definitely including myself- have made fun of Yosh for getting me nap-in-a-sac for Mother's Day last year. But I'll tell you one person not laughing... Deeter. Infatuated with the nap-in-a-sac. Some babies prefer the swing, others the bouncy chair, this guy- nap-in-a-sac. Gets him every time!

(FYI...nap-in-a-sac is this super soft pillow/blanket combo. Like a babies blanket and pillow for it!)


  1. i still think nap in a sac was a great present

  2. You have such a beautiful family. Not to take the spotlight off of the boys, but your smile looks awesome in the picture of you holding Deeter. It's a really precious one:)

  3. He is so beautiful!

  4. Welcome to the crazy wold of being a mother to three boys. He is too cute!!!

  5. By the way, Yosh, do you ever miss Gay's headgear? Just wondering...

  6. So precious!! What a handsome little man he is.


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