Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break Pressure

This week is Dallin B's spring break. Who knew pre-school had a spring break, but apparently they do. Therefore being the mom of the group, I'm feeling like I have to plan things extra special. So I took them to the Santa Barbara. The zoo in LA- not so special. But if we have to drive an hour and a half- must be special. At least that's what I told the boys, who could really care less about spring break or where they are being brought to the zoo.

The three of us on the train ride. Possibly was the highlight of the outing.

The other highlight- sliding down this little hill in the middle of the zoo on a piece of paper. It was quite hilarious. Someone got creative and turned this hill into quite the happening place. Dallin thought he was surfing and got to spinning pretty good. I couldn't help but laughing at all these kids. And while I was watching my mind got to spinning and I've already decided- next time we blocks! Yes, a great beginner's ice blocking hill. Vamp it up a bit.

Despite the highlights having absolutely nothing to do with the animals, the kids did love seeing the animals. Walking in you would have thought they just drank their own Mountain Dew. Going a million miles a minute, screaming to each other to come see this, do you want to see that, etc etc. It was good times. And then- to boot- on the way home I picked up Stonefire for dinner. Have I mentioned ever how much I love that place? A must eat-at in California in my opinion. So I hope this one outing suffices the Spring Break guilt because other than that we are relaxing and playing with friends.


  1. Fun! Dallin looks soo much like Josh in the pic on the train!

  2. That does look like fun! But what else would i expect from a super fun mom like yourself? It's funny that Katie said Dallin looks just like Yosh. When I saw that pic I was thinking that Porter looks just like Yosh. I guess those Hansen genes are dominant ones. Wonder what #3 will look like??

  3. All I could think was, "Holy-moly, Porter P's hair so SO BLONDE!!". The boys are so cute:) I love seeing them get along so well.

  4. ...and your teeth are looking good. When do you get your braces off?

  5. Looks like a great time. Loved Stonefire. So I would have to absolutely agree. I love your and Josh's pic. Too cute. Wish we could visit soon.

  6. i love the SB zoo - it is the perfect size for little kids.

    and i love the ice blocking idea.


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