Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dallin B is always keeping us up to speed on the movie/tv behind his eyes- aka his dreams. This morning he runs into my room excitedly telling me, "Mommy, on the movie in my eyes, the baby came out of your tummy. And guess what? We were in a restaurant." I can only pray this isn't some type of forewarning or prophecy. It would not be a good business propaganda.

A recent conversation:
Dallin: Guess what Devree calls my Daddy? ... Josh (with an exaggerated "Jaw" on the front end)
Gay: Why does she call him that?
Dallin: (thinking intently) I don't know


  1. I always had dreams I would have Jenna in the testing center at BYU and no one would help me b/c they were too busy taking their finals! :)

  2. I must say that "movie in my eyes" totally tripped me up!!! Now, that's creative!!!!

  3. one day B will learn his dad's name isn't "yosh." I can't wait to hear the story when that day comes!


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