Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yosh and I disappeared for a bit. From off this continent even. We decided to take a "big trip" while we have decent size children and no babies. Thailand was the destination where we were dazzled by beautiful beaches and cheap massages. Cheap massages meaning about $7 an hour. Beat that if you can. So we made sure those were in our schedule often. I wish I had my camera with me during the Thai massage session. The Thai massage (versus the oil massage) includes a lot of assisted stretches by the massues. Well you should of seen the little Thai lady throwing Yosh into the positions. It was hilarious! And all four of us were just laughing, meaning Yosh and I and our 2 masseus.

We took one day excursion to various different islands where the real beauty and uniqueness came through. As you can see in the pics there was super clear water with gorgeous coloring with amazing greenery in the background. We went to Phi Phi Island where "The Beach" with Leonardo Dicaprio was filmed and it was amzing. There was also this bay ever-so-suitingly called "Monkey Bay" because there are just monkeys all over the island waiting for the tourists to feed them. Pretty cool. We stopped by quite a few islands. Yosh snorkeled and saw not only amazing fish but also the ocean floor was so detailed and beautiful.

We saw some beautiful view points that overlooked the island. This beach below was amazing. We spent a whole day there, at Caron Beach. The sand literally squeaked when you walked on it.

We were in Bangkok for a day and did a little sight seeing. Although sight seeing isn't at all my thing to do, it was good for a day since the whole culture is completely foreign to me. We went to the floating market which is where everyone sets up their little shop on the water. People barter in boats and get their goods that way. They have manmade canals dug through the town and that is how people get around.
We also went ahead and did the touristy thing of taking an elephant ride. I must say those are large creatures. It was ok, but to be honest they are big and slow and i don't really feel the desire to be trottin around on those things anymore. Glad we did though. Our kids were super impressed with us and that's all that really counts.

It was a fun trip. Yosh and I got some alone time although I must admit we missed the kids like crazy and will never be away from them for that long again. But they were in good hands and had a lot of fun doing different activities while we were gone. I think from now on we'll keep things closer to home and bring the munchkins with us! I know, we've turned boring but what can you do!!!


  1. Thailand, that's pretty exotic alright! I LOVE the pic of the boys in your sidebar holding the footballs. Seriously, the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  2. Gay--every time I read your blog you are traveling the world and I am sick of it! I am SO jealous, all I have are student loans piling up and no fantastic vacation plans for atleat 5-10 more years. Oh well, atleast one of us gets to have a fun time :) Just kidding, I am happy for you and that you had a great trip! I have never left Lucy so I am sure you must have missed the boys.

  3. I am so glad you guys had a blast!! IT was so fun to have the boys around dev was lets just in HEAVEN!!! We miss them so much!! cant wait for the next visit

  4. Wow! That's all I have to say. It looks like great fun... and I wouldn't have minded the massage either.

  5. You went to Thailand?!?!? WE had no idea! Caleb is mad at you for not telling because he said he would of tagged along ;-) I told him it looked like a getaway trip for 2 and he probably wasn't invited for a reason. It's amazing how much you can miss the chillins while you're gone though! It's good to get away but great to get home too!

  6. WOW Gizay!!! Looks like you guys had an amazing time. How long were you there and who kept the kiddos?? I should get some info from you and start saving my pennies! Garet and I have talked about going there for a while now.

  7. Oh wow, it looks you had an amazing trip. I'm gonna have to add Thailand to my list of must-see's, it looks so beautiful.

  8. That sounded amazing and then some. X and I need to do something like that. Love the pics! I LOVE elephants.


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