Saturday, November 8, 2008

Here are our faux Halloween pictures. That's right, they were just taken this morning cuz I'm a bad mom and somehow didn't take a single one on Halloween Day despite the parade in the morning and the mad trick-or-treating at night. They are both- by personal choice, well maybe Dallin decided for Porter-... Cosmo the Cougar. I had suggested different costumes to Dallin a few months ago and he selected Cosmo. And then added, "And Porter wants to be a small Cosmo." Well I was having trouble pulling together costumes and kept looking for an out, "Look, you guys could be Shrek and Donkey. Or football fans," and I would show him the costume. He wasn't buying it. He would say, "No, I just want to be Cosmo. And Porter does too." So, here you have our Cosmos!


  1. ok they make the cutest COSMOS ever!!! cant wait to come see you guys soon!!!

  2. Too cute Gizay!! Porter doesn't look to sad to be Cosmo. The pumpkins add to the realness of the pictures. Good one!

  3. So cute. I think they make awesome Cosmos. BTW, you totally beat me in the posting of your Halloween pics. I just did fall break that was in the middle of Oct. Moms Rock!!!

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Cosmo "spare tire" slipping out of Pistol's jersey. Classic Halloween moment!


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