Sunday, August 10, 2008

OK I've been getting harassed, mainly by my husband. Seriously been in a blogging slump. But I'm going to pull it together for at least 5 min to put together a decent post!

Yosh has loved this classic dialogue I had with B while getting him dressed...
"Mom, what does this say?" pointing to his shirt.
Looks at me quizzically, "How do you play 'Gap'?"

Because surely I wouldn't be dressing him in something non-sports! What a crack up. That alone explains who my Dallin B is.

So what else? Spent a lovely night at the ball park, just in time to see Manny hit his first homerun as a Dodger. There was electricity in the stadium. And then to see all three of my boys chanting, "Manny, Manny..." It was quite a hoot.

Did I mention Chels and Pistol were making out on the way to the game? And that she was taking pics of it?! Did I also mention I miss Chels? She left on Friday after being my p.i.c for the summer... sad.
Before Chels ditched me we had an escape to San Diego. A lot of fun. One of the highlights was renting bikes, which I wish I knew the correct term because they are not really bikes. They are like huge cars with no motor. Hence, the need to pedal. And sometimes get out and push when necessary. Because they are freakin heavy. And when you have no momentum and a hill someone is going to be out pushing. And the other one is going to be the manual blinker. Gotta love it. And look how cute the boys look in their helmets...

And let's be honest, 5 minutes after we left the rental place the helmets were ditched. Cuz that's how kids roll.
Last thing that is definitely blog worthy... my most recent purchase called the waterpik. And why aren't orthodontists telling everyone and their mom about this? I mean for real, this is almost as good as going to the dentist for a cleaning. Put a little mouthwash in the mix and you are feeling good. It's as easy as going to Target and picking one up for yourself. And braces or no braces, it's a $40 well spent.


  1. It sounds like you've been enjoying summer! :) Love the bike helmet pic. very cute!

  2. Welcome back Gay!!! Looks like a fun summer. I am glad you discovered the waterpik. I can't believe your orthodontist didn't tell you about them. We use to give them to all the patients when they got their braces one as part of their treatment. They are a mess but very awesome.

  3. Now Gizay, those are pretty good and better than nothing, but it doesn't replace the good ol floss. I feel a responsibility of putting that in there.
    The boys look cute. I'll have to show Chance. He's asks about DB about every day still. California is also still his destination.
    I wish I could come help with the kids and the house. Maybe something will happen that I can.

  4. I'm a dummy. What is p.i.c.? Please tell Chels and Lexie "thank you" for me. They both made my week! (Along with a few others of you.)

  5. kady, i am right there with you, what is p.i.c.? are we not with it? and i can't believe you don't have anything else blogworthy, but perhaps that will come later. your posts are great, you need to keep them rolling

  6. to clarify for my out of the loop friends (ha ha... i'm sure everyone was wondering what that meant), p.i.c. is partner in crime... holla

  7. Yeah! A post from Gay. My day is now complete. I've been waiting for months for this day to come. Glad to hear my SoCal homies are keepin' in real. I'm amazed you got bike helmets on your boys period, no matter how long they stayed on. Very impressive. I don't know if I'd have been successful on that front.


  9. I just wrote my comment on the wrong POST! I thought those pictures were so dang cute! That one of Po and Chels is a crack up- he looks like he is going in for the kill. Little Po is a little softy! I am excited for you guys to come.

  10. Good to have you back Gabe. You have been missed greatly!!!

  11. Dang, a welcome back with open arms. I guess everyone is just so happy for a post that no ones is holding back their comments to show the anger for the lack of posting like I was going to do.


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